Kenneth Copeland: My Books Helped Topple the Berlin Wall

Don’t know if this is funny or just plain ridiculous!


Televangelist Kenneth Copeland is taking at least part of the credit for the collapse of the Berlin Wall, telling guest David Barton that German pastors used his books to topple the wall with the power of positive confession. A Word-Faith preacher, Copeland believes that Christians can use “positive confession” to speak things into existence, typically physical health and material wealth. During Believer’s Voice of Victory, he claimed that his books and those of fellow Word-Faith preacher Kenneth Hagin were used to bring down the Berlin Wall, to which the self-declared “historian” Barton eagerly agreed.

With accompanying Video, at RWW


6 comments on “Kenneth Copeland: My Books Helped Topple the Berlin Wall

  1. Just read a good message at Following Judah’s Lion on the topic of the positive confession-prosperity (false) teachings;


  2. What Copland said at the end is partly true in that, a, Proverbs 18:21 was quoted correctly. Also b, I believe in the power of Prayer, prayer that is prayed by the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ in and through Believers; prayers God hears and acts on. I want to qualify what I mean here knowing and believing there is nothing new under the sun and God is both, at the same time, the Alpha and the Omega.

    Here is what I can say as a fact about prayers being prayed at that time shortly before the wall was removed. I know for a fact that several members of my Church were in a hotel room in W. Germany some months before the “East” German government made the decision to remove all impediments and engage West Germany on diplomatic terms to open economic doors which meant removing the Berlin Wall. These brethren were praying against spiritual forces of wickedness asking God to open the doors for the Gospel to go into East Germany. They believed they were being led by the Holy Spirit to pray. They were not specifically speaking a faith confession to an innate wall, kind of like when one stands in front of a stone image and speaks to it (which is idolatry) but rather they were praying to the Living God who has eyes to see and ears that hear the prayers of the Saints. Part of the outcome of those days and their prayers was the East German government removed the wall and any objection to true economic relations with West Germany and the Western world economies.

    Can Copland say what he said? Yes he can. Is it the truth? No, I just don’t believe it is the truth nor is the sort of praying the Holy Spirit teaches disciples of Christ to pray.

    God is about bringing the Gospel of the Kingdom to every creature not helping pad the pocket of a man who cannot shoot straight the doctrines of Grace to those the Word of God is sent for the purpose of saving them from the world systems overseen by the god of this world.

    Does God want us to pray? Yes, absolutely; just not the way Copland and Barton teach.

  3. It’s a shame the Chines didn’t get his books, perhaps the Great Wall would have collapsed. There are true believers all over the world in prison cells, a la John Bunyan, who rejoice in their sufferings. The heresy continues and I am sure he will sell more books.

  4. What a bunch of false prophets. These people will surely stand before God in judgment.

  5. And no doubt David Barton’s works caused the Arab Spring!…and for the Mars rover to land safely!

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