Perhaps its just me….

From the Christian Post contributor who gave us (at least gave me) the very confusing, strange article Ask the ‘Jewish God’ to Enlighten You, comes this EQUALLY strange article at today’s Christian Post:

Look Where the Soul Goes During Sex


8 comments on “Perhaps its just me….

  1. equally strange – no, pj I think that tops it!!

    • Thanks Jan. Sometimes i do think it must be me (alone) who finds these type of articles, on Christian websites, written BY Christians, strange.

      Glad to know im not alone 🙂

  2. Yes, you can say anything, print a few verses, and people will believe it. Purgatory has more Scriptural support than this man’s cannabis induced musings. BTW – If the two people are obese their souls go to McDonalds!

  3. Why can’t he keep it simple by championing marriage/fidelity as envisioned in the bible without resorting to some metaphysical claims that is not stated in the scriptures. Watch that man closely people. He may be unto something!

    • Exactly! The bible addresses marriage and fidelity adequately, why go ‘beyond’ what the scriptures say?

      Frankly i found this both weird and unbiblical,

      Here is the image I encourage you to lock into your mind. Picture yourself having sex right up in the front of your church sanctuary….right where the pastor delivers God’s Word to the people. Hold that image in your mind

      This is vain imaging!…it is of the flesh not of the Holy Spirit.

  4. Google that preacher and you will see he is a moralist and has a viscerl hatred for gays. You can get much applause from the heterosexual choir for your stand up routine, however your routine is without a cross.

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