Democrats Put ‘God’ Back in Platform

Christian Post

Personally, I don’t believe God cares about being included in ANY American political platform. If truth be told, He’d probably rather be left out of fallen man’s politics all-together.


2 comments on “Democrats Put ‘God’ Back in Platform

  1. Only fallen man could use the word “God” as a political football. It reminds me of when they added “under God” to the pledge in 1954. Then whole thing is religious superstition. I will never understand, though, how those that claim to follow Jesus strongly object to the government helping poor people. Politics…

  2. Only fallen man could use the word “God” as a political football.

    Political football. Thats a pretty good analogy.

    Just using (repeatedly) the word ‘God’ doesn’t mean a thing. It doesn’t make the user a Christian nor a political party “God’s own preferred party”.

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