The Values Voter Summit

Tony Perkins’ Value Voter Summit is meeting again today. I get a kick out of some of the speakers, most if not all, avowed Christians, and the topics discussed.

Kirk Cameron: America Was Modeled on the ‘Hebrew Republic Under Moses’

Michele Bachmann: Obama has ‘Enforced Islamic Speech Codes Here in the United States’

Bill Bennett: The Press Attacked Romney on Libya and Tried to ‘Kill This Truth in the Womb’




3 comments on “The Values Voter Summit

  1. I’m a little disapointed Kirk Cameron is hanging with this crowd. Nothing surprising about other participants. Stick with the evangelism bro! Not sure america is a christian nation/hebrew republic/chosen nation theme is a prudent path.

    • Yes i was disappointed to read he was hanging with this bunch of nuts too. I actually held-off posting too much about it after reading (months ago) that Kirk and David Barton had become ‘best-buddies’, in hopes Kirk would come to his senses. Looks like instead he’s only grown closer to this crowd.

  2. Cameron is in the same vein as Piper. Their orthodox reputations exceed the reality of their unorthodox allainces.

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