Some items just make me weep…

Sorrow and shame is what I felt when reading the item below. 

Obama’s America by Dinesh D’Souza takes the conservative, Tea Party fringe message to a new low. It seems the fringe feel frustrated that they have been unable to convince Americans with brains that Obama is really a Kenyan, an evil socialist and the Anti-Christ, so the only thing left in their loathsome arsenal of lies is to call Obama’s deceased mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, a slut and a whore. Yes, you read that right.

In his book, D’Souza paints Dunham as a neglectful mother so busy sleeping around Indonesia that she had no time for her son. She is depicted as a sexual predator…

You may also be aware of the documentary Dreams Of My Real Father by Joel Gilbert. In a recent speech to a Republican women’s group, Alabama GOP Chairman Bill Armistead promoted the film. The premise is that Obama’s ‘real’ father, Frank Marshall Davis, was a Communist party organizer. The film makes the claim that Davis took bondage pictures of Obama’s mother and sold them to men’s magazines. “These photos were taken a few weeks before 1960, when mom was about five weeks pregnant with me,” the narrator says. “Frank then sold the photos to men’s mail-order catalogues.” Gilbert claims that over a million copies of his disgusting video have been mailed to voters in Ohio, Nevada and New Hampshire.

A little research proves that Gilbert is a liar looking to fuel the fires of the ignorant and uninformed who will not take the time to investigate facts. –  more here  and here: Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom?

This isn’t “just” politics, so don’t even bother telling me it is. Its sick and its evil. Is there no end to the depths people will sink to? How can anyone hate another so much? 

In case you didn’t see the post below, Where the American Church is Today, the film mentioned in that post and the book above, Obama’s America, are both the work’s of Dinesh D’Souza. Who is, by the way, being featured at a Christian apologetics conference this weekend.  

I’m sure God is well pleased..(yes, that’s sarcasm)


13 comments on “Some items just make me weep…

  1. I would suggest that although this is disgusting and prfoundly unchristian, it probably reveals much of the attitude that lurks within the hearts of believers and unbelievers alike. The seed of hatred grows rapidly in the soil of one’s heart and the only reason some believers would not say what this person said is just to protect their cache of hatred without reveaking just how abominable their hearts have become.
    God is speaking to the church and He is using this election year to show us just how deceived we used to be. But sadly many are clsoing their ears and continue to practice a decidedly fallen lifestyle and yet still contend they believe in Jesus. Ifear for their souls.

  2. JP

    In a way I am glad to hear it that you are brought to weeping.

    Here would be some reasons why:

    Luk_6:21 “Blessed are you who are hungry now, for you shall be satisfied. “Blessed are you who weep now, for you shall laugh.
    Luk_6:25 “Woe to you who are full now, for you shall be hungry. “Woe to you who laugh now, for you shall mourn and weep.
    Luk_7:32 They are like children sitting in the marketplace and calling to one another, “‘We played the flute for you, and you did not dance; we sang a dirge, and you did not weep.’
    Luk_23:28 But turning to them Jesus said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.

  3. if the wheat and tare are truly being separated… the Obama first election certainly opened my eyes to the professing of Christ. Many shall come in MY NAME, but believe them NOT.

    • You said a mouth full H…

      That first election, and the months leading up to it and years since, opened my eyes. And it still continues…

      You know, i actually went through a pretty long period of time when the shock almost spiritually and emotionally, overwhelmed me. I’m not kidding. At Christian discussion boards and websites individual Christians i had followed on the internet for YEARS! changed, over-night, into monsters. I thought i’d slipped into a parallel universe! I’d set here reading and just weep H..wondering “who ARE these people?”.

      The bible talks about the heart being deceptive above all things, and i had to finally realize this change i saw in Christians (the ugliness and hatred) had to have always been there, hidden deep inside of them. God used this man H, no one will ever convince me otherwise, to “bring” things to the surface in many who profess Christ. I’ve been taught when God does this it is for the person’s benefit—so they (we) recognize it, and repent of it being hidden in our hearts, and ask God to remove it. But this is not what i’ve witnessed H…the haters have continued to publicly hate and disparage this man, and are (now) blind to how this is sin.

      In my 34 years of serving the Lord, i’d have to say this has been the most amazing thing i’ve ever see God do H…We’ve lived through actually seeing a great separation occur. In my spirit i believe it’s the first of many H. God is sifting….

  4. I forgot to mention… my FB page had so much hatred on it re: Obama I had to write to people and tell them: if you keep this up I have only one option… to delete. And these people were professing to be Christ Centered.

    • Yes i understand. I became so sick over what i’d see/read on my front page every time i’d log in, i had to remove the worst offenders as friends. I just couldn’t take it any-more. And they too claimed to be Christians.

  5. I too am somewhat astounded at the amount of ‘obama hatred’ that exists. I don’t always agree with everything he does, just as I don’t always agree with what politicians in my country sometimes do. But that’s what democracy is about. At least I get a chance to vote them out every few years, just as the Americans do.

    More importantly though, what those people who make such comments fail to realise that they are each playing their own small part in causing a widespread disillusionment with and about “christianity” amongst both existing christians and also amongst the ‘unsaved’ and ‘unchurched’.

    True christians are progressively leaving the ‘organised church’, as their first step in the ‘sorting-out’ process between sheep and goats that is going on. But thats only the beginning of the refining process – a first step, with many more to follow.

    I would not be surprised if those same people end up initially joining the false church established by whoever the Anti-Christ turns out to be, play a part in hunting down ‘true christians’, only to discover much to their horror that about halfway through the tribulation they will be executed by him because they refuse to acknowledge that he is god, and then find themselves standing before God who will say to them: “I never knew you”.

    • You’ve voiced many of my own thoughts andronicus.

      And you’re right about,

      …what those people who make such comments fail to realise that they are each playing their own small part in causing a widespread disillusionment with and about “christianity” amongst both existing christians and also amongst the ‘unsaved’ and ‘unchurched’.

      When i go to secular news sites where comments are allowed, i always read what people who don’t know Jesus are saying: Especially if it pertains to some article about the president which includes quotes from some right-wing “US Church leader” or “Christian politician”. Say for instance, Franklin Graham. It’s eye-opening to not just read the article but to read the comments made by lost people who believe what they are reading coming from someone like a Franklin Graham or a self-proclaiming Christian politican, represents Bible Christianity or Jesus. Its horrifying! They’ll always be a Christian or two (i’ve done it many times) who will post trying to tell these lost folks, “please don’t judge Christianity or Jesus by what this person says. This is not real Christianity”.

      You also mentioned it causing “disillusionment with and about “christianity” amongst both existing christians“. I can personally testify to that being true. While i never became disillusioned concerning my faith in Jesus, i did become disillusioned with people who professed to love Jesus but their fruit said otherwise.

  6. One of the things I have observed in christians around me is this: they make a ‘decision’ to reject the truth (about something, including themselves), then, it is if a switch has been turned on. They rapidly seem to become completely blinded. I will give an illustration. Some months ago, a christian of many years standing approached me, saying “there’s something wrong in our church, but I can’t put my finger on it. Do you have any idea what it is”. My reply was “Yes there is, but you should ask God to show you. I can tell you though that its about following men and not God.” A few weeks went by…. then the person told me that “I’ve decided I should be loyal to the church, loyalty is very important’. I said “Well, loyalty to our Lord Jesus is far more important, isn’t it?”

    A few more weeks went by…. the person concerned is now wearing a church T-shirt, actively engaged in ‘church growth’ activities…. then… I was talking to them again… I got a glare from the person who then aid rather pointedly and sharply – “We have good leaders, and its important that we all strongly support them’. I said nothing.

    The only reason I am still going to church is that the Lord is using me to help those few people who have been prompted by the Holy Spirit to ‘leave’, but due to lack of knowledge have no understanding of why. They are very few. One person actually came to my house, saying “I asked God what was wrong with our church, and He told me to come and see you”.

    In his case he fully believed what I told him, but even so, he still wavers at times. Because of personal circumstances it is not possible yet for him to physically leave, and I understand those . However, the strength of the deception is rapidly growing. I only go to church about once every 6 weeks now, and I can discern the difference.

    • What you’re doing is hard andronicus. I’ve been there.

      God kept me in a church for almost 2 years, specifically for the same reason you mention. My entire family attended this church as well. It was the most difficult thing i ever did: to keep going week after week, knowing what was really going on. But i did it, with His help. Thank God, finally one Sunday morning the Spirit spoke, “this is the last time you’ll walk through this door”.

    • We all carry around much baggage. We are each at our own level of maturity in differing areas. As I read your post it seemed to me your friend is looking for growth in an area in which you are mature.

  7. For PJ – yes, it is ‘hard’ as you say, but I can see a couple of reasons why the Lord wants me to do it. First, there is the role of being a kind-of ‘lifeline’ to someone – in the sense that after wrestling with what the Lord has been saying to them which is the complete opposite of what everyone around them is saying, they finally meet some-one who can ‘confirm’ a few things to them.

    The other aspect though is that these days the deception is much stronger spiritually than it was before, and increasing in strength all the time. So, its helping me to better gauge the strength of it. As well, there is a ‘training’ aspect. It gets me better used to operating in a public environment where I’m surrounded by a large number of deceptive spirits operating on numerous individuals all at the same time, and hence being under ‘pressure’ of a particular kind, while of course also fielding questions from those I am NOT there to meet, such as “That was a great sermon wasn’t it Andro?” .

    I’m not suggesting everyone else should do this, depends on what the Lord wants them to do for Him in the future – everybody needs training appropriate to them and what they have been asked to do.

    For Steve Page.
    There is some truth in what you say about my friend, Steve, and I am still having regular contact with him, which I suppose you could call ‘maintenance work’ (grin).

    But I don’t mind, because the need is there and he does need assistance that perhaps only I can give because of the environment around him and because we live reasonably close to each other. And I know a lot about the various pressures on him and their sources.

    More generally though, I STILL meet others who are STILL ‘fence-sitting’ about whether they are going to do, or not do, what the Lord is telling them to do, and they’ve been doing that for a while. As well, those who only responded recently to the promptings of the Holy Spirit do not now have the luxury of taking as long as it suits them to reach a decision.

    The Lord has HIS timetable for the wider scheme of events, and He won’t be changing that just because one individual wants to shilly-shally around for a while yet.

    So.. there is less and less need for me to be at this particular church. That also suits the Lord’s timing too. I am quite sure in my own mind that He is ‘extricating’ me from the situation in a way that will ensure it happens reasonably smoothly and doesn’t cause a ‘ruckus’ of some kind that would distract me from doing the things HE wants me to do.

    From time to time I also run into people who are visiting my church, and have just started on much the same path that I did many years ago. My role with them is to encourage them, and reassure them that the things they have been hearing from God, (which are the complete opposite of what everyone around them is telling them), are in fact true.

  8. I should add… there are very few in the last group I described above. Is becoming quite rare to meet some-one in that category. So I am fairly sure that soon it will be time for me to ‘leave them to it’ and get on with some other things I know the Lord wants me to do as part of my own preparation for what is to come, and what He wants me to do.

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