Rally Draws Both Crowds and Apostasy Concerns

Except for a name or two, this reads like a list from; The Apostates: A Who’s – Who,

America for Jesus featured a number of well-known speakers, such as Pat Robertson of The 700 Club, Lou Engle of The Call, Tony Perkins of Family Research Council, Cindy Jacobs of Generals International, Rick Scarborough of Vision America, Robert Stearnsof Eagle’s Wings, Rick Joyner of Morningstar International, Chuck Pierce of Glory of Zion International and many others. Other guests included Pennsylvania Senator Stuart Greenleaf and Philadelphia Deputy Mayor Richard Negrin.

In addition to live messages, video prayers and commentary were broadcasted from Joel Osteenand Billy Graham. Music was also performed by a number of bands, choirs and soloists, including Rick Pino, Sean Feucht and Ricardo Sanchez. During the week, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding, California, Cindy Jacobs, Dutch Sheets, Harry Jackson, Doug Stringer and others spearheaded an event that it is a part of the effort, called Awake Now. The meeting was held at Living Faith Christian Center in Pennsauken, New Jersey.

Thousands gathered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania this weekend for a large-scale prayer event called America for Jesus. While some openly welcomed the gathering, others expressed concern over the apostasy of a number of the scheduled speakers…

Apostasy Concerns

“[T]he sickening reality is more and more so-called Christians are so enamored by well-known preachers that they are choosing to close their eyes as the blood of Jesus is trampled upon and the Spirit of grace is insulted, rather than have the reputation of their beloved men of God tarnished in any way,” stated Tom Tomasella of Safeguard Your Soul.

Many of the speakers that were scheduled to address the crowds at America for Jesus and its surrounding events raised concern because of the beliefs that they espouse and teach.

Bill Johnson, who was at the forefront of Awake Now conference, adheres to the doctrine that Jesus went to Hell as a sinner,

“Did you know Jesus became a sinner for us and had to be born again?” Bill Johnson is quoted as saying in an online video. “I asked … the first service and they said ‘no.’ But I will show it. It’s in the Bible. He had to be. He became sin.”

Similarly, many have decried Cindy Jacobs, Chuck Pierce, Robert Stearns and others as being false prophets.

Jacobs has asserted that a large signs and wonders movement is coming to the nations,

“Part of the fruit of this movement will be healing centers, which will be built around the world, devoted to praying for the sick and casting out demons,” she stated. “One of the distinctive [aspects] of this movement will be raising the dead.”

Jacobs also claims that one of her staff members was personally visited by the angel Gabriel, who explained why her ministry was experiencing financial difficulty. She said that Gabriel replied that there were “four vortexes of demons” that had been assigned by the Devil to hold funds back from her.

Rick Joyner, who spoke on Saturday, serves as the spiritual adviser to Todd Bentley, a famed “faith healer” who is known for his claims that God told him to kick sick people in the face. Bentley stepped down from his “revival” meetings for a time, and re-emerged with a new wife — the young nanny that took care of his children.

Many have also dubbed Joyner a Gnostic and have denounced his book The Final Quest, in which he wrote that he had a vision where he spoke to a dead man that was released from Hell after repenting.

“All of my sins and follies which I had not repented of passed before me, and before all who are here. The grief of this you cannot understand until you have experienced it. I felt that I was in the deepest dungeon of Hell,” the book states. “[Jesus] was resolute until my life had been completely reviewed. When I said I was sorry and asked for the mercy of His cross, He wiped away my tears and took away the great darkness.”

Therefore, while thousands flocked to participate in this weekend’s America for Jesus event, others stood outside of the gathering to urge Christians to not yoke together with false teachers.

The evangelistic ministries Repent America and Cross Country Evangelism were among those preaching against apostasy at the event.

“While I can appreciate the call to repentance and fasting, from its very organization of being led by a woman bishop, the event was out of order,” Michael Marcavage, director of the Philadelphia-based evangelistic organization Repent America, stated. “Although the prayer gathering was designed to be a desperate cry for God to save America, it is absurd for anyone to expect God to bless an event where a number of false teachers were given the pulpit. The Bible says that judgment begins with the house of God, and we can’t just excuse or overlook apostasy.”

Marcavage stood with various Scripture signs, including one that cited 2 Timothy 4:3, “For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.”

“Most were unwilling to listen to any warning, exhortation or correction and became very angry and defensive. They told us that as long as someone believes in Jesus, it’s okay to come together, but even the devils believe and tremble,” Marcavage explained. “There was a great lack of discernment and a complete disregard of Scripture by many of those we spoke with,” he added. “I think that many people who attended the event genuinely desire change and revival in our nation, but are being misled by false teachings and not seeking out truth in the Scriptures themselves.”

Marcus Diaz from Irvington, New Jersey, erected a prayer stand at America for Jesus and spoke with a number of attendees as well.

“I prayed with so many people there who had a false gospel. It was saddening and joyous at the same time,” he said. “It was a blessing and so refreshing to have Biblical preaching behind us to as we witnessed to false converts and encouraged true believers in Christ at the prayer stand, praying with everyone when they came to know the real, everlasting Gospel, the one that no rust or moth can devour.”

Continued at Christian News: ‘America for Jesus’ Rally Draws Both Crowds and Concerns


7 comments on “Rally Draws Both Crowds and Apostasy Concerns

  1. Re: Cindy Jacobson’s assertion that there are 4 vortexes of demons holding back funds from her “ministry” — my God created the angels who later rebelled & became demons, and surely He could render those demons powerless. Not sure why Cindy’s god is so powerless.

    My heart grieves for the people who follow these false teachers. Read your Bibles and let God lead you to (or back to) the Truth. Thanks PJ for posting these articles. -Brenda

  2. The cavalcade of heretics aside, whenever a country (America) is treated as a personal entity then idolatry is being practiced. And when idolatry is practiced, all sorts of mischief will ensue. I share with you a comment from a sister on my blog:

    “Our American materialist mammon-pursuing mindset has fostered the development of the monster of “christian celebrities, christian bookstores, christian radio and TV”, christian consumer junk, and trivializing and nearly blasphemous christian tee shirts and bumper stickers.
    I call the whole issue of nationalism a monster: an unnatural perverse dangerous organism. Like Dr. Frankentstein created a being, albeit from authentic man-parts, (in delusions of grandeur in arrogance and presumption), the thing was not authentic man-life because the quickening power in it was not divine. Of course, the monster took on a will of its own, to the destruction of many innocent bystanders and its creator. Dr. Frankenstein couldn’t destroy his creation, even when he realized it was deadly, because of his personal investment in it.”

    Doesn’t that give a wonderful insight to this entire nationalistic issue?

  3. Just a note.

    I found it interesting that certain Christan news sites, like the Christian Post and Charisma News, etc. when reporting on the rally failed to mention the involvement of ANY of these false teachers/prophets. Their names were strangely absent…

    This is why i stopped “blindly” trusting news items, even from Christian News organizations, without researching any news story further.

    Just wanted to add that note because first, i find it sad that reputable Christian news org. can no longer be trusted to always give us an honest, truthful, full picture of any news story related to the Church, and second, its further proof of how important it is to even fact-check Christian news organizations today.

    • That is because those “Christian” news sources are all in bed with the NAR. Stephen Strang (Charisma, Christian Life, Ministry Today) is a big supporter of thee NAR. The Christian Post is not a part of Strangs company but their senior editorial advisors include Dr. Joel C. Hunter, Dr. Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr. and NAR apostle Rev. Samuel Rodriguez

    • Thanks Steve, i wasn’t aware of the Christian Post’s ties (directly and indirectly) to the NAR. Now that i know it sure explains alot!

      Wonder how long Hunter, Jackson, and Rodriquez have been associated with the CPost?

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