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David Barton: The 4th of July and the Second Amendment Came Out of the Bible

Wonder how close this poor man is to full blown possession? Its obvious he’s been in a (spiritual) state of obsession for years. I’m serious folks.   

Over the last several months, we have written a series of posts highlighting the various social, cultural, and governmental institutions that David Barton claims are directly rooted in the Bible. For Barton, any parallel he can discover between a provision in the Constitution and language in the Bible can only mean that the latter was the cause for the former, often going so far as to falsely claim that the Constitution quotes the Bible “verbatim.”

Now Barton has produced a new book called “The Founders’ Bible” which is designed to help readers “discover the Scriptures that the Founders used as the basis for our original founding documents, see what chapters inspired them in the fight for independence, understand the sacrifices they made because of their Biblically-based beliefs and learn about America as a Christian nation.”

We received our copy of the book today and we were not at all surprised to discover that it is full of the sorts of absurd claims we have come to expect from Barton. In essence, the book is a Bible interspersed with long explanatory articles written by Barton explaining how the adjoining passages served as the foundation for America and our form of government. Many of the claims we have heard from Barton before, but the book also to contain several new ones, such as the statement that Independence Day was based on Biblical precedent.

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One comment on “David Barton: The 4th of July and the Second Amendment Came Out of the Bible

  1. The first time I met up front and personal David Barton was in my community when he was invited to a local church to discuss and sell his home school curriculum to families that could see the trajectory the public school system was going in our area even though this area has a larger Republican population than otherwise. The year was I believe 1976?

    I next met him as a part of the newly formed advisory board in I believe 1985 when he and I were appointed to a national prayer ministry advisory board that relocated to Washington D.C. from Texas. We served on that board together and we met annually for a few years in Washington D.C. to rejoice over God’s direct hand in swaying political powers in Congress, the White House and the judiciary by our prayers. We were able one year to see a fine Christian man appointed to the head of the office of the Juvenile Justice department of the Attorneys General of the United States. Oh how proud we were and how exciting to be a part of that lobby. I got to meet the chief of Police of the district of Columbia that year as well as go to White House briefings inside the White House! Hmmmmm, as I recall juveniles and lawlessness has been on an increase not decrease since those days even though some lawlessness is just masked as their civil rights that allow them to violate God’s holy order for the child’s responsibility in this life and world. This increase is probably because of the deterioration of the family structure and order?

    I also spent an entire week with David and his wife and a few others in 1990 as we were praying together to God for His mercy for America and for the overthrow of fundamental Islam around the world.

    I do agree that God has been very very very, should I say very merciful to me to the tenth power and beyond? I do pray His mercies are new every morning to you too! I also have noticed besides His mercies towards me daily that God hasn’t overthrown fundamental Islam since that 90 hours of prayer and it seems as though rather that He has done nothing to impede their growth around the world or their violent ways as they insist on sharia law and their own civil rights in America of all nations? Hmmmmm? Was our prayers prayed amiss? Maybe God was busy during that time or asleep and He was fully briefed by angels so as to answer our prayers?

    Anyway I say all that to ask this as a Native American as I note slavery was permitted then in those days and slaves for the most part were not allowed to bear arms nor was it a part of the framers of the amendments to the Constitution intent when they wrote that 2nd amendment, was it? 🙂

    How about the civil rights of all the Native Americans that opposed progress usurping their native american civil rights to exist on their native american lands?

    Ok, oh well …!

    Maybe it’s just obamacare that is oppressing him? Maybe not??

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