Rick Joyner Hopes Romney will Fulfill the ‘White Horse Prophecy’

Rick Joyner…what else can I say that hasn’t been said already? He is a false-prophet extraordinaire

Source: RightWingWatch

Rick Joyner has been optimistic about Mitt Romney’s chances at winning the presidency lately and floated the idea that Romney may even be the fulfillment of the “White Horse Prophecy” during an appearance on Jim Bakker’s show.  After agreeing with Bakker that the differences between Mormonism and Christianity are merely minor ones, Joyner suggested that a prophecy that Mormons would save the U.S. in its darkest hour may be realized in Romney. While Joyner sounded hopeful about that possibility since it would mean Obama’s defeat, the prophecy, which has not been accepted by the LDS Church, goes on to suggest that “Mormons will control the government.”



3 comments on “Rick Joyner Hopes Romney will Fulfill the ‘White Horse Prophecy’

  1. Minor! I wonder what he would call major?

  2. May we live in interesting days! What can I say? The difference btw Mormonism and Christianity is a minor one. Wow! Not surprised though. Christian nationalism bearing fruit I guess. I think with each passing day we are moving into a time in which true followers of Christ have to know their scriptures very well. I have no clue who God will allow to lead this nation come November. But I won’t be surprised that a Romney presidency may be a further test to see where the hearts of so called Christians reside. A year from now Mormonism will just be like another denomination and everybody will be joining hands singing cumbaya. And what will you Bible believing Christian do? Sing along as if it doesn’t matter or risk being dubbed some “bigot”. Like I always say it’s ok if you want to vote for Romney if you are thrilled by his policies but please don’t tell me you saw a vision or the Republicans are more holy. Stick to policy!

  3. The whole “prophecy” spectacle is little more than subjectivism designed to elevate certain people in the eyes of the gullible. It is an obvious grab for authority and suggests that certain people have a relationship with God that others do not. Most of the prophecies are nebulous in nature in order to be manipulated later to conform to some events. Just watch the Jim Bakker program and you will see a huckster who sells all sorts of things, mcuh of which he leverages by fear.
    Dried foods and water purifiers he suggests will help you stay alive when the end hits! It is one thing to warn people in order to draw them closer to Jesus, it is another to act like you know things that you do not. And in an astounding act of obvious duplicity, while Bakker offers all the survivalists paraphernalia he elicits donations to build all kinds of Christian entertainment buildings. And the lemmings continue to march.

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