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CA$H COW$ & FAT CAT$: The Cult of Evangelical Leadership, Part 2


Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD unto them;
Behold, I, even I, will judge between the fat cattle
and between the lean cattle.

(Ezekiel 34:20)

Cash Cow: “A cash cow is a product or a business unit that generates unusually high profit margins…. A customer or organization that has no control over its spending.”[2] 

Fat Cat: “A rich, greedy person who, due to ownership of large amounts of capital, is able to ‘live easy’ off the work of others.”[3] 

The widow’s mite (Luke 21:1-4). It is one of the most durable myths in Evangelicaldom. Leaders perpetuate the myth with their endless fundraising. “Your dollar will help my project to … fill in the blank.” These leaders say they are doing “the Lord’s work” and every mite you send to them will “bless you” in return.

But is Evangelicaldom fueled by widows’ mites alone? No! The whole Mega-Ministry Empire operates like a giant Cash Cow, and its Reigning Monarchs act like Fat Cats. Since most Fat Cats are treated like Sacred Cows, their people rarely question them about money matters. But where does all their money come from? Surely not just from tiny widows’ mites!

“Seed-faith” giving was re-branded as “Faith-Promise” giving in the 1970s by the new army of dark-suited Church Growth Consultant Fat Cats, who used persuasive and subtle techniques to finance the rise of denominational-less Community Centers – a new breed of Cash Cow Mega-Churches. Meanwhile, the Prosperity Teacher Fat Cats issued prophecies about a “great outpouring of wealth,” and promised if you followed their teachings you’d get rich.[4] “I must be doing something wrong,” a friend complained. “I keep giving them money but I am not getting wealthy. What is wrong with me?” She didn’t ask what was wrong with the Fat Cat, nor question what might be wrong with his teaching.

The well-oiled Evangelical Cash Cow Machine operates on Fat Cat Big Money but it reaches into your pockets incessantly, too. Hang on to your wallets! Everything costs money! Cash Cows thrive on the money derived from conferences, book sales, DVDs, promos and special events.

The gospel isn’t free anymore. The Gospel of Salvation is still free – you can read it online here: http://www.blueletterbible.org. But the other gospels that Fat Cats manufacture? – these cost money. You have to buy their books, curricula, training, workshops or programs. You have to invest in their exclusive formulas and innovative strategies for church or personal growth. Presumably these investments will reap benefits for you. Benefits like status, significance, stardom, influence, self-esteem, profits and promotions. That’s the thinking.

Most Cash Cows cultivate their Image. Money talks, people listen. The Elites have it. Chances are, you don’t. It is only human nature (unredeemed) to want to associate with, emulate, imitate, and esteem those with lavish lifestyles and lucrative endeavors. But understand this – these Fat Cats want YOU to finance THEM! They are busy building an empire and it is your job to be the cannon fodder.  Well, okay, maybe it is not that bad, but note that it is YOU who are expendable. YOUR money, your time, your talents…. all part of THEIR plan.

Question: Is your money going to the Lord Jesus Christ? Or to a Fat Cat who is building a Cash Cow Empire?

Empire Builders & Their Costly Gimmicks 

The Modern Monks of Status and Significance flaunt the latest fashion, and do all their “emerging” through chic urban artistic and cultural pursuits – all of which comes at huge price. Can you afford it? Just try to emulate it! Richard Foster wrote The Freedom of Simplicity, but the actual cost in real-life to go plain and simple was sky-high. I know; I tried it. Leadership Mucky-Mucks travel the globe while espousing sustainable lifestyles, and sacrificial missional tithing. YOU are the one who must become sustainable and sacrificial, not the Fat Cats.

Eradicating poverty is a popular slogan for those who want to build the kingdom of God here on earth. This is a great agenda to support because it deflects attention away from the well-financed Cash Cow programs. Sadly, mission work has now become “transformational,” and it costs way more money to share the complex, culture-changing, new-fangled gospel programs than it used to cost sharing the plain Word of the Gospel. Concerning one such conference, Ed Silvoso promised:

These practitioners are men and women who are leading transformation churches, directing companies that are uprooting corruption and eradicating systemic poverty, and in so doing they are seeing the Kingdom of God bring down the Gates of Hades. They will be available to connect with you, sit down for a meal, answer questions, exchange insights, and by the end of the week when you go back home, nothing will be the same.[5] 

Yes, Silvoso’s right. Nothing will be the same, and next week your checkbook will be emptier. Are you having trouble coming up with enough grocery money to buy potatoes, sugar, flour and eggs? Never fear! Invest in the T.D. Jakes Cash Cow and:

  • Learn to make money from what you were born to do
  • Increase your cash-flow immediately
  • Relieve all financially related concerns
  • Develop 8 income streams to create generational wealth [6]

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