Why, as a Christian, I Abhor World Net Daily…

And have ZERO respect for any journalist which writes for this rag or any Christian website or blog owner who promotes anything from this publication. Two words: Jerome Corsi.

The guy is a certifiable nut which WND continues to employ as it’s senior staff reporter. But it’s not just that, its that World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah claims his despicable rag is a ‘Christian’ based news organization.

In an interview with VCY America’s Vic Eliason, Jerome Corsi argued that President Obama is a secretly gay Muslim who is practicing “taqiyya” to conceal his Muslim faith. Corsi has earlier claimed that Obama was married to his male Pakistani roommate and joined Trinity United Church of Christ because of its “Down Low Club” to have sex with other men whom he later had killed, according to Corsi’s anonymous “sources.”

He appeared on Eliason’s show to discuss his new WorldNetDaily article which says Obama wears a Muslim ring, and Corsi told Eliason that Obama is using the ring to send “a secret communication , like it’s a wink-wink and ‘I’m with you,’” to Muslims.

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4 comments on “Why, as a Christian, I Abhor World Net Daily…

  1. Pj you are a courageous person checking on that site. Eons ago I have made a commitment of not EVER going on that site. It is just sad and very comical at the same time. I thought he was just a Muslim now he’s a gay Muslim in good standing with the hardliners secretly communicating with them via a ring. I think he’s watched too many movies. I’ve gotta admit Corsi and he’s allies are quite imaginative.

  2. At least he’s not a communist, right??

  3. Vic Eliason is a rabid patriot (Hence the VCY) and his daughter Ingrid Schlueter used to be a spokeperson for that station before she had a falling out with her father. They specialize in bottom feeding and exhibit much more patriotism that they do Jesusism.

    • Thanks for making that connection Rick. I never knew too much about Ingrid’s father, but thinking back i do seem to recollect reading something about them having a falling out.

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