An alarming new study concerning our children

As the grandparent of 8 adult grandchildren, who are now themselves marrying and having their own children, I find this study somewhat alarming and frankly, baffling.

Puberty is one of the biggest, and often most awkward, changes that boys go through, and a new study shows it starts six months to two years earlier than previous data indicated. The findings raise concerns about the cause of the change and how boys could be affected by a sped-up timeline.

The results of this new study correlate with the recent results of a similar study concerning girls,

In recent years, studies have drawn attention to early-onset puberty in girls in the U.S….

Boys Entering Puberty Up To 2 Years Earlier, Study Says

From the perspective of both a mother, who wanted my children to STAY children as long as possible, and a grandmother who felt the same about her grandchildren, I find this disturbing. And I guess the real reason for posting this story is to ask ‘why’ you think this has occurred.

Is it something in the food or in the air, or what? From what both studies conclude, the change(s) are physical so environment can’t be the cause. Or could it?

Is it possible that the past few generations of children have been so overly-exposed to an environment of both extreme violence and sex, that the results are an actual physical change in their hormonal make-up, resulting in early puberty? Is this possible? And if so, could this physical change be something permanent, in that it could now (naturally) be passed down to future generations of children?

As you can see I have a lot of layman’s questions on this topic. If the questions come across as stupid, laugh and forgive my ignorance;  but I’d still like to hear your thoughts….


9 comments on “An alarming new study concerning our children

  1. I strongly doubt any change is due to over exposure to any media related stuff.it is documented that shoe sizes have changed over the last 100 years. This change in all likelihood is due to change in nutrition over the years. I would imagine that the many hormones/chemicals stuffed in our food could potentially have some impact.

    • You may be right RxY…

      I really found this disturbing though. Maybe im just acting like a mother? ahahaha!

    • I agree. We know, for example, that BPAs, which are ubiquitous in our present day environment, mimic estrogen in the body. In addition, we have the presence of a growing array of GMO foods which have never undergone any long term independent testing to determine any potential negative effects on health. Beyond that, we have all sorts of drug residue seeping into our water supplies, and few districts even have the funds to consider monitoring these pollutants. Among these drugs are those that are hormones in a straight forward way. And many of them are drugs used on a mass application process in agriculture. Government agencies will almost always deny these claims, of course, because any admission of a problem in this area would have monetary repercussions that they are unwilling to accept. So the problem is only going to get worse as time goes on. The general populous will do nothing about it because any complaint they make will be met with a threat of job loss or food price increases. This is the future, at least the future in the USA.

    • Wow George, some very good information! Its kind of scary and makes me wonder what man will be like in 50-100 years, if the Lord tarries.

  2. From my reading, there are many substances in our foods (soy) and items like water bottles/sippy cups/food storage containers (BPA) that act as estrogens in the body. When the containers are heated, the unhealthy components can be transferred into the food. Soy formula is not optimal food for any baby, but especially not for boys.

    • Diane, that’s an excellent point. Food products which can carry even a small amount of estrogen could, over time, cause a larger then normal amount of the hormone to accumulate in the body. Even in the little bodies of children.

      Wonder if the numerous hormones now fed to poultry (and cows?) in order to stimulate faster growth, could play into this sudden change in our children?

  3. Many cattle, chicken, and turkey are given extreme amounts of hormones if they are raised on large farms (think Tyson). Also, soy has an extreme amount of estrogen and the soy grown has an extreme amount of pesticides as well. It’s thought that the amount of hormones in soy is actually worse for kids than the hormones found in meats.

    I wonder about bio magnification in which us eating the meat that ate hormones actually magnifies the hormones in our body flyer we’ve eaten them. That’s the case with caterpillars that eat a leaf an then the bird eats it, then the next animal, etc. with each animal, more of the hormone or pesticide is found. I personally think this may be the case with us now.

  4. It’s probably a mix of both from above. The nutritional stuff has an effect clearly on causing increases in certain hormones. However, I wonder what our entertainment and media and, dare I say, cultural propaganda does as well.

    Certainly if you look in history people grew up faster in a world where they were expected to in order to survive. Bar Mitzvahs use to actually mean a move from boy to man, all at the age of 13! In many cultures, women were married off at about 12 and they would already have children at 15 or 16! It seems that the cultural milieu of the day pushes today’s kids forward in growth and lack the urgency that it use to demand.

    I think a study of Roman youths of the Augustan age would be interesting. Children growing up in relative prosperity and inculcated with very similar modes of entertainment as today (although real instead of simulated or computer animated). See if they tended to the same? Don’t know if it’s possible to know.

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