My Interesting Day…

Wish it was possible to say the ‘interesting’ part meant it was a good day. Well, come to think about it I guess it is possible, because I’m home! Praise God.

Today I had an appointment with a spinal surgeon, a Dr. Steven Bailey at the Mayfield Clinic. It took weeks to to get in to see him, and wouldn’t you know, the appointment got derailed! After rushing around this morning getting ready, at the very last minute my ride had to cancel on me. That was the first thing…

I debated (for about 2 minutes) calling to reschedule the appointment, but realizing it might be another month or longer before I could get another appointment, decided to call and see if my oldest son was off today and available. His wife answered telling me he was in the shower and she’d call me right back. Long story short, the poor guy jumped out of the shower, dressed and drove here in 20 minutes leaving us rushing like crazy to make the appointment.

And here’s where it gets interesting. After arriving, my sister and I, (she went along too) jumped out of the car, rushed into the office, and after signing in were escorted back into the examining room. There, they took my blood pressure (3 different times, which should have given me a hint, that something was ‘up’) and I met the doctor. The first thing he wanted to do was go over the results of tests I’d had recently.

And while He’s talking I suddenly couldn’t make heads or tails out of what the poor guy was saying…in particular, what he was asking me! It was totally weird. All I recall was looking at him and saying ‘I’m sorry, but excuse me, I think I’m going to faint’.

After a few more people suddenly showed up in the room, including Mr. ‘Blood-Pressure’ guy, it’s revealed the cause for the multiple times my blood pressure was taken was because he thought the machine wasn’t working correctly. The reason being my pulse rate was showing to be at 169.  In fact it was working correctly, it was (just) showing the symptoms of A-fib or whats commonly known as cardiac arrhythmia.

What fun! The day I had hoped to find out what could be done about my back I almost faint, go into A-fib and end up being rushed out of the surgeons office and taken to the local emergency room, where I’m immediately hooked up to enough wires to re-wire a house! My poor sister told me later all I kept saying was “I’m ok, I just need to eat and take a nap”.

Anyway, it took 6 hours and a few different medications, but they finally got my pulse rate down to normal, and I was allowed to come home after promising to immediately return if the symptoms returned. Living across the road from the hospital has its perks.

Well, that was my interesting day. I’m pretty tired so its bedtime for pj.  


11 comments on “My Interesting Day…

  1. Hi PJ,

    Praise God the tests revealed your A-fib. I too have this and know that it can lead to heart and brain attacks (strokes) I trust the medics have put you on appropriate medication to reduce the risks.

    The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face to shine a upon you, and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.

    • Thanks Gordon. I’m really sorry to hear you’ve experienced the same thing. Its frightening.

      God bless you too Gordon, and thank you for the prayer my friend…

  2. It isn’t your time to go ‘home’ yet Pj, God hasn’t finished with you yet. I for one am extremely happy to know this and continue to pray for your health and spiritual refreshment. Underneath are The everlasting arms, may they hold and sustain you sister. Please take care. xx

    • Thanks Syl! Especially for your prayers. Once again they were needed, and again you were there. God bless you my friend.

  3. I hope you are doing better PJ.
    Take care of you, eh?

  4. Hope you are feeling better today.

  5. Hi PJ,

    Sorry to hear you had to go through all that but I am glad you are better and you were able to go home.

    I have had several occasions recently where my heart began to beat rapidly but it only lasted for a very short time. It can be quite frightening. I have mitral valve prolapse and I believe it is related to that and also to stress.

    Will keep you in prayer.

    Be well …



    • I have had several occasions recently where my heart began to beat rapidly but it only lasted for a very short time.

      Cathy, don’t ignore it. I told them at the emergency room i’d had similar, but not as severe, episodes (maybe 4-5) in the last 3 years but that they always passed after an hour or so. The doctor said i should have reported them to my regular physician.

      Yes it is frightening! It feels like an out of control horse, galloping in your chest.

      I have mitral valve prolapse and I believe it is related to that and also to stress.

      Im sorry to hear that sister. Take care of yourself.

      And stress…yes i know what you mean.

      None of us can live a total stress free life, but sometimes things seem to pile up. For me, its family. If i didn’t know better i’d think they’re out to kill me. ahahaha!!!

  6. Sorry i wasn’t around yesterday and your comments were left unposted until now. Monday seemed to catch up with me (Wed.) and all i could do was kick back in the recliner and sleep.

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