Evangelicals: Out of the Closet

Don’t know how much time you spend online visiting Christian News Organizations, but I’ve noticed a definite rise in the number of articles posted in which Evangelicals (In twist, evangelicals now backing Mitt Romney) – (Evangelical support grows for Romney) and Evangelical leaders have openly “emerged from the closet” in support of a Romney presidency. In fact, the closer we get to November 6 they appear to be literally falling all over themselves to openly get behind Mitt Romney.

A number of us here at the blog discussed some months back after Romney’s primary win, how Evangelicals would manage to get around the facts surrounding Gov. Romney’s religion, in order to support him; because these same Evangelicals who preached, while being political activists for decades, that America was doomed or “headed for terrible judgment sent by God” unless a Christian was elected as leader of the United States, we thought (or at least I did) would have a real struggle this election season with supporting Romney.

Boy was I wrong.

At first there was some trepidation on the part of Evangelicals. I’ll grant you that. I imagined them sitting around pondering on how they could possibly come out openly in favor of a Mormon, without looking like hypocrites and fools. But that brief season of pondering didn’t seem to last long in some Evangelical quarters. Soon a number of them emerged as Romney supporters. One Evangelical, David French, even started up a website some years back in support of Romney, (Evangelicals for Mitt) and spends his time and energy trying to convince other Evangelicals Why Every American Christian Should Vote for Mitt Romney and how, despite Romney being a member and leader of a cult, its “ok with God” to support him. In fact, according to French, we should “appreciate Mormonism“.

As stated there may have been some trepidation on the part of Evangelicals as a whole, at first. But that all soon gave way to endorsing and in some cases, openly campaigning for Mitt Romney for president. Who would of believed it was so easy to go from “Only a Christian in the White House!” to supporting a Mormon?.

Has anyone openly called out these hypocrites? Well actually yes. But it’s not being done by who you might think:

Under every article (posted daily now) written by some Evangelical leader or well known Evangelical figure/author who has come out of the closet in support of Romney for President and who encourages their fellow Evangelicals to follow suit, the lost are speaking. See, the lost do watch us folks. They have been very aware of what they believed “The” Church in America, (when in truth it was only the political part of the Church) was saying about how important and vital it was a Christian be elected to the White House.

Many of them read and followed the predictions made through out the years, by these same Evangelicals, of “doom” and total annihilation coming upon America “if” America did not elect a Christian. These, the lost, are the ones calling these political Evangelical leaders what they deserve to be called: lying hypocrites. And I agree with them. For if these so-called Evangelical (political) leaders, who for years tried to strike fear into the Church body by feeding us this line of ‘doom’ and God’s Judgment coming’ because of neglect, on our part, to elect a Christian president, “really” believed what they predicted, well…you get the picture. The point is they never believed it. It was all a political ploy by which to manipulate the sheep.

If time allows, spend time browsing and reading at a few of the popular Christian News sites. You might be surprised to find who God is speaking through today…


2 comments on “Evangelicals: Out of the Closet

  1. The evangelical support for Romney did not surprise me, although I surely was surprised at his being embraced and allowed to speak at evangelical universtities. But what has surprised and shocked me is the abject hatred expressed in so many ways for the man, Barak Obama. I had no idea such hatred lived just under the surface of those Sunday morning smiles.

    • Rick, i first saw that hatred 4 years ago during the election. I’d sit here day after day and read the venom and hatred, directed at Obama, pouring out of the mouths and hearts of Christians and cry. That may sound overly dramatic but its true. It did something personally to me that to this day, i’ve not recovered from. In all my years of being a Christian i never knew that kind of hatred existed in the hearts of anyone who called themselves followers of Christ.

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