Lou Engle: Twisting and Turning but Finally Concluding…

Its too long to post but you can read it here at Charisma

I have to say Lou coming forward to disclose his political choice for president based, he says, on prophetic dreams by his “closest friend” who is coincidently, “a true prophet” had me laughing. The only so-called prophets he’s known to hang with are the Elijah List crowd, The New Apostolic Reformation, and the disbanded (but still active) Kansas City Prophets.

Perhaps he was wise to not reveal who this “close friend” and “true prophetic dreamer” is.


8 comments on “Lou Engle: Twisting and Turning but Finally Concluding…

  1. If I voted I could not vote for a pro-choice person. however President Obama seems like the more likeable and more genuine person in this election. If you accept Romeny’s recent elightenment about abortion, how can you vote for someone who worships a demon? People say that we are not electing a pastor, only a president. So then a high priest in the Church of Satan who had a good economic plan could get your vote?
    Well, in a real sense a high priest in the Church of Satan is running for president. And millions of professing believers will support him.
    And when you separate voting from church beliefs you are supporting the separation of church and state, and many who claim there is no separation will exhibit that exact separation when the vote. It is quite the spectacle.

    • What would stop me ever from voting for Romney is his lying. Its common knowledge all politicians stretch the truth, make promises they know they can’t keep, and a number of other things which aren’t on the up and up, but Romney is a whole different species of politician in my book. He lies: its proven it is a lie, and unbelievably he’ll continue to claim its the truth in the face of indisputable evidence. Frankly, its spooky.

      Mental health experts call it pseudologia fantastica, mythomania, or pathological lying.

      Only one other presidential candidate, during my lifetime, ever affected me like Romney and it was Al Gore, though not for the same reason. But the sense i got from Gore and get from Romney, is something inside each man was/is seriously “off”…wrong, amiss. Whatever you want to call it.

  2. Engle is the man who said in 2004 that God told him if we would re-elect president GW Bush, he would end abortion in America.

    • And we see how that worked out. These guys are worse then the politicians themselves, with their empty promises and prophetic proclamations.

      I’d still like to know who that nameless “true prophet” was. ahaha!

    • Ain’t that something…

      When getting online today that video was in my mailbox. Guess the time’s arrived for the right-wing Christian activists to pull out all the stops, including ‘in your face’ fear-mongering and manipulation directed at the sheep.

  3. Hey, don’t blame us dumb sheep! Afterall it is for us He died and rose again and that reality known before the foundation of the world and from “eternity”! Sadly I cannot say with a clean conscience I have not been manipulated a time or two or three or four or or or! Eze 34:31 And you are my sheep, human sheep of my pasture, and I am your God, declares the Lord GOD.”

    • Yep, when God referred to us as sheep He sure knew what He was doing. aha!

      Politically speaking Michael, i will admit to allowing myself to be manipulated for decades. No one could have convinced me during all those years that the republican party wasn’t “God’s own party”. And to vote for anyone other then a republican was unthinkable because i would have been sinning against God.

      I was one dumb sheep…

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