Charisma’s Steven Strang, “I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney”….PLUS

Only surprise here is what took him so long

With the election a week away our nation is at a critical point. There are many important issues including the enormous debt, energy independence, how to deal with national security and terrorism, and healthcare, to name a few. But as a Christian, it boils down to three issues above all others that make me want President Obama replaced by Mitt Romney. (more)


– Harry Jackson on “WallBuilders Live” today: Elect Romney or America Will Remain ‘Under the Chastening Hand of God’

– Rick Joyner attempts to make the case that: Obama (is) Helping to Merge Christianity and Islam

– Conservative activist and pro-family leader Gary Bauer is freaking out and highly offended at Pastor Markel Hutchins (who Gary refers to a “left-wing pastor and ardent supporter of Barack Obama”) for his comments concerning the actions and statements recently attributed to Billy Graham,

“I think one of the things that we know is that Reverend Graham is at a very seasoned and elder stage of his life,” Hutchins stated. “So we’ve got to wonder how much of this is genuinely coming from Billy Graham and how much is being fed to him and propositioned and heaped upon him by those who are around him — for example, his ultra-conservative son, the Reverend Franklin Graham.” 

– And last but not least, former Pastor and one time Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee  threatens hell-fire and damnation to anyone who votes to reelect Barack Obama

Quoting our friend Bene: Blog On! 


8 comments on “Charisma’s Steven Strang, “I Urge You to Vote for Mitt Romney”….PLUS

  1. Interesting choice of source about Huckabee. Obviously someone who would be against anything that he says. I’m curious how all of these “Christians” think that it’s ok to vote for a man who plans on becoming a god himself. Voting for a godless liberal will send you to hell but voting for a godless conservative wont?

  2. I honestly cannot see how any spiritually focused believer would not sincerely pray about the very nature of his or her participation in such a system, especially given the evidence of this election. Democrcy itself is extremely suspect as it pertains to the Lordship of Christ, and yet many thousands of ch7urch actually vote on things. The church has been swallowed up by the culture and God’s peole have learned the way of the heathen.
    I know, it sounds crazy to even suggest that democracy is heathen, but that should tell us something as well. This election year has created more hatred in the hearts of professing believers that any in recent memory, and add to that the hatred for gays and Muslims, and you have churches where the Spirit has fled.

    • Rick i agree. This election, like the previous one, has sure revealed the hearts of many who profess to follow Christ. Admittedly, i may have been blind to previous elections (prior to 08) resulting in the same thing, but without a doubt, God has used the two elections of 08 and 2012 in order to reveal hidden hatred within the Church body.

  3. For sure this election is one for the record books. At this point, I know who I am going to vote for and I am going to vote. However I am not plastering bumper stickers on my car or planting yard signs in front of my house. I decided a long time ago not to prostitute myself into this filthy realm of politics. Neither am I ragging on other Christians trying to coerce them to vote for MY candidate. How on earth could I ever in good concience promote the political interests of either a candidate who supports things like abortion and gay marriage OR a candidate who’s heart is clearly committed to the pursuit of wealth and who’s religion is clearly heretical. I see clear threats to the church from both candidates. To single either one out as being somehow a “savior” to either the church OR even to our country is just so insane. Which ever one ends up being president, we need to always remember to pray that God have mercy on us all, because politicians of all stripes are first and formost interested ONLY in their own interests. To them, we are just votes to be bought and sold. And all manner of lying media presentations are a major vehicle for that commerce. And people associate this filthy garbage with Values???? Lord have mercy!

    • To single either one out as being somehow a “savior” to either the church OR even to our country is just so insane.

      Amen George.

      As of today i find myself still waiting as far as voting in the presidential election; Not about who i’d vote for but if i’m voting period. I’ve prayed alot this time, and so far the Spirit of God has not given me that familiar inner ‘nudge’, revealing it would be God’s will for me not to vote. If nothing changes, at 7am on November 6th i’ll be downstairs in our community room casting my vote; Not for a spiritual leader, but for the man who’s policies i believe are best for the country.

      And regardless of who wins, they can count on me personally praying for them throughout their time as leader of this nation.

  4. In Scripture we are only exhorted once as to how to affect the government. Pray for the leaders so we may lead peaceable lives. To vote is always narcissistic on some level because you vote for whom you believe will most help your life and for whom will represent you best. However it just may be that God desires to elevate someone else for His own purposes, and that would mean you are voting against the will of God. Democracy was never God’s will and its first appearance came when the children of Israel saw the heathen kings and demanded God bow to their desires. God turned them over to their own lust and along came Saul. That was the first democratic election and it was never God’s will.
    The church now does not belong to any earthly nation, and even though we have been taught since birth by the schools and the church otherwise, democracy is allowing the mixed multitude to rule themselves primarily based upon who they believe will help them most. That is narcissism. In effect, voting becomes the middle man between the power of the Spirit and the power of the majority. It compromises spiritual trust, it engenders a competitive spirit, it joins forces with the unsaved, and it gives a false and fleshly sense of personal empowerment.

  5. In Scripture we are only exhorted once as to how to affect the government. Pray for the leaders so we may lead peaceable lives.

    True. That praying for whoever is in office admittedly, was not always easy for me. It took years after coming to Christ to separate personal feelings about the person elected, from what i knew i had to do; pray for them regardless. I can give God and Bill Clinton credit for helping me see the light. ahaha!!

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