Board member at Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative: Vote Romney Because He’s a Mormon

Some of the political endorsements coming daily now, are actually pretty funny. Case in point,

As RWW has noted, most Religious Right leaders have cast aside whatever reservations they once had about voting for Mitt Romney, whose Mormonism many do not consider a Christian faith. Sure, they’d rather have a conservative evangelical or right-wing Catholic as the GOP nominee, but they lost that chance in the primaries. And they are so eager to defeat Barack Obama, and avoid the divine wrath that his re-election would provoke, that they have circled the wagons around Romney.

In September, more than two dozen Religious Right leaders wrote a letter dismissing differences over doctrine, praising the Republican platform, and saying “it is time to remind ourselves that civil government is not about a particular theology but rather about public policy.” Long past time, some might say.

Marc Nuttle, a board member of the dominionist Oak Initiative and regular speaker at the Freedom Federation’s Awakening conferences, goes one better. Rather than telling evangelicals they should vote for Romney in spite of his Mormonism, he essentially says in a recent Oak Initiative bulletin that people should vote for Romney because of the Mormon faith’s incorporation of the US Constitution into a particularly potent form of American exceptionalism:

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4 comments on “Board member at Rick Joyner’s Oak Initiative: Vote Romney Because He’s a Mormon

  1. And one of his reasons to vote for Romney is that Mormons are the only religion to cananize the Constitution. So in effect, they make the American Constitution equal to Scripture. And that, he suggests, is a bone fide reason to cast your vore for Romeny. Just when I think the deception has hit rock bottom, they prove me wrong!

    • So in effect, they make the American Constitution equal to Scripture.

      Exactly. From reading these guy’s writings over the last few years, it appears they feel free to do that Rick because of the belief of America being God’s second Israel, or in some cases the replacement for the Israel of the old testament….as in the “new” chosen nation. Believing that falsehood leads them to believe that the American constitution was divinely inspired, in the same manner the scriptures were.

      Its really convoluted, but to them it sadly makes perfect sense.

      What has surprised me are the number of Christians who actually believe this. And even more then that, the number of Christian leaders (some, well known) if pressed on the issue, who agree with this unbiblical doctrine. In other words, its more common then we’d we like to believe.

  2. I’m so grateful to you, PJ, for posting these things. They are so important to us as informed Christian Americans. I’m a little troubled by the lack of comments lately to these postings. Even questions about doctrine would be good.

    • Thanks Louise 🙂

      Like you, i use to be somewhat troubled by the lack of feed-back on (what i believed to be) posts which dealt with important vital issues for Christians. But once i realized they are being read (which i can see inside the blogs “innards”) even if not commented upon, it was ok.

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