Missionary Applications to LDS Skyrocketing in Preparations for Romney Presidency

A big thanks to Rick Frueh (Following Judah’s Lion blogspot) for passing along the link to this news item. And I also agree with what he posted concerning the story,

I do not expect evangelicals who are blinded by politics and nationalism to even pray about this. But in anticipation of our first Mormon president, the LDS church has lowered its age requirements and is now flooded with applications for full time missionaries. So while believers hope to “save a nation” they are supporting a movement that is busy damning souls. Good job Jerry Falwell Jr, Billy and Franklin Graham, James Robison, James Dobson, and thousands of others. You are true followers of George Washington at the expense of following Jesus.

Christian News Network

Applications for full-time Mormon missionary work have skyrocketed following a recent announcement by Latter-Day Saints president Thomas Monson that the organization is lowering the required age of service, reports state. Monson made the announcement at the 182nd Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints last month, and since then, spokespersons have stated that they are now receiving approximately 4,000 applications each week. Previously, the age limit for Mormon missionary service was 19 for men and 21 for women. The age has now been lowered to 18 and 19 respectively.

“Two years ago, President Monson made an appeal for more missionaries,” stated Jeffrey Holland of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, but added regarding the recent change, “Most of the general authorities of the church didn’t know about it. Mission presidents didn’t know. MTC officials didn’t know. University leaders didn’t know. So, we welcome you all to a worldwide church of people who did not know that this was coming.”

According to an article written by Quorum representative Richard Scott on the official LDS website, missionaries are being sent out to speak on “the restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ.” He explains that a manual called “Preach My Gospel” will be provided to Mormons in the field to train them in how to speak of this “restoration” as well as their belief in Joseph Smith as being God’s prophet.

“One chapter explains why the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion, how it can answer profound questions of the soul, how it can build faith and help others draw closer to God,” Scott outlined. “Additional instruction shows how the Book of Mormon is a tangible resource that an individual can use to confirm the truthfulness of our message.”

He explained that he recently tested others on their ability to convey the message;

“I asked two assistants to a mission president to share the vision of Joseph Smith while I acted as the investigator,” Scott continued. “I planned to vigorously challenge them to see how they would respond. Yet the sincerity of their message, the purity of their intent, the skill with which it was delivered, even in a practice session, was so compelling that I could not do it. … [You should] feel their testimony as they bear witness of the sublime vision in which God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, appeared to Joseph Smith. They will skillfully unfold the subsequent events that restored the fullness of the gospel, with the authority to act in the name of God, on earth again.”

While Mormon officials state that they are excited about the increase in applications, others have concerns about the proliferation of Mormonism around the world. They note that although the decision could have come at any time, they find it interesting that it precedes the possible election of Mitt Romney.

“[The LDS heirarchy] has never lowered the age of missionaries being in the field,” stated Tricia Erickson, daughter of a former Mormon bishop and author of Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters? “There’s only one reason for this change, and that reason is they need more. They’re getting ready. … What they’re doing is recruiting soldiers, so to speak, to hit the ground running as soon as Mitt Romney is elected as president of the United States.”

She explained that according to the White Horse Prophesy, during a time of when the nation is hanging by a thread, a Mormon is to rise to power and usher in a new season until God’s kingdom is restored on earth, where the Latter-Day Saints will be governing. Erickson advised that if Romney is elected, it is projected that many will convert to Mormonism.

“These missionaries are going to be … knocking on doors, pulling everyone into this cult, because you won’t be able to call it a cult much anymore if the president is giving this religion credibility,” she said. “That’s why it’s estimated that there will be one million more converts worldwide if Mitt Romney steps into the office of the presidency.”

“And so, the Mormon church needs more missionaries on the ground — not just in the United States — they’re all over the world. They need them worldwide,” Erickson explained. “So, it makes perfect sense that they are going to take advantage of Mormonism being mainstream via Romney being president of the United States. … They’re at fever pitch now. They believe that we’re in the end times, and that it’s going to happen. They’ve been getting ready for centuries, and they believe it’s here.”

Rauni Higley of Salt Lake City, Utah agreed. She and her husband Dennis were long-time Mormons and were missionaries themselves, but left years ago after comparing Mormon writings to the Scriptures. They now run H.I.S. Ministries to reach out to those who are where they once were.

“The Mormon church is considering that Mitt Romney will make it to the White House, so they want to have a huge missionary force,” Higley said. “They’re looking at least a double or at least a triple, and those people can be knocking on doors and say, ‘Look, we have a president who is a Mormon.’”

“The missionaries do not teach the true Mormonism. They make it sound like it’s Christian,” Higley stated. “The Mormons don’t immediately say, ‘If you become a Mormon, you become a god.’ They veil it.”

“They use the name of Jesus Christ as a shill to give their religion credibility,” Erickson said. “Five years ago, they would not say that they were Christians. As a matter of fact, they were taught — and I was taught — that the Christian religion was the great and abominable religion. But, now that they have a goal, they have to mainstream Mormonism.”

Erickson and Higley both stated that they are grieved by the doctrines of Mormonism, which they explained include that God was once a man and birthed spirit babies with his wife, and that men can also become gods and inherit their own planet, according to Joseph Smith’s Pearl of Great Price.

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2 comments on “Missionary Applications to LDS Skyrocketing in Preparations for Romney Presidency

  1. This was a very predictable thing! Rick’s comment was spot on.

  2. This was my greatest fear. I am so relieved by the election results. They had eternal consequences.

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