Salacious and Lascivious

Quick thought; 

Those two words, salacious and lascivious, popped into my mind after reading all the headlines and seeing the continuous TV news coverage concerning the Generals caught up in the newest sex scandal. Our media (and we ourselves) really feed off that stuff, don’t we. In this case, once it was determined no crime was committed (intelligence breach, etc) this became just another story concerning people’s sins. Didn’t it?

No deep thoughts here, just the passing observation that we sure are a salacious people. Perhaps its one way we avoid facing our own sins


2 comments on “Salacious and Lascivious

  1. When you are the head of intelligence, you take an oath. Part of that understanding means that adultery becomes a security risk. But it does continue to be interesting that Republicans like Petreus, Gingrich, and many others have had issues of infidelity while shouting their morality about other issues. And who was the first divorced president? Yep, Reagan. I hope believers quit grasping at straws.

    • You mentioned Gingrich and i had to laugh. Can’t recall what TV program it was but he appeared (believe it was over the weekend?) to offer his opinion and thoughts on the latest infidelity scandal.

      Oh the irony! 🙂

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