The Kingdom of God (1)

This is an introduction to what I pray will be a small series where we can look more closely at the important topic, The Kingdom of God: What it is, according to the bible’s definition, and how we, the Church in America have twisted the true biblical definition of that Kingdom.

You may find the contents of this first post a strange beginning for such a serious topic, but there is a method to my madness. Trust me.

Two things I’m going to ask  you to do.

First, read Rick Frueh’s newest post and watch the video he posted: What is Wrong With This Political Add?

Second, watch and listen closely to this clip from the Jon Stewart show, recorded earlier this week, where Stewart interviews one-time pastor and political candidate Mike Huckabee

As always, your comments are welcome 


2 comments on “The Kingdom of God (1)

  1. Jesus Christ is a name and tool for the church of Americana. They have no room for love, forgiveness or sacrifice. That is to say, they’ve abandoned the cross and the resurrection.

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