Bearing Witness

Warning: Some photos are graphic.

Egyptian photographer who has chronicled the revolution and its aftermath in his home country, finally made it into Gaza through a tunnel from the south. A selection of his photographs from the crisis can be seen at Foreign Policy magazine.

Bearing Witness: Exclusive photographs taken from inside Gaza


2 comments on “Bearing Witness

  1. Did you know, everyone, that the muslims in Gaza were caught – faking – injuries?
    BBC and CNN filmed a supposed gravely injured man in Gaza, being carried to an ambulance by several men. Soon after, he was in the background, active and rushing around. Fake! Fraud. Check in out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxgEt9gLDow

    • Randy, we also can’t deny the horrible senseless deaths and injuries caused by this either.

      As far as the video clip, we can’t honestly say in what order this was filmed: for all we know the part of the man being fine could have been filmed first and his being carried after supposedly being hurt was filmed last. My point is, we can’t know for sure because the person who posted it at youtube spliced it together, and he/she may have their own personal agenda. See what i mean?

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