Graham: God Will Judge America for Re-Electing Obama Through a Massive Economic Collapse

I have a question for Franklin Graham: Does that also mean God was judging America when the latest massive economic collapse occurred (in 08) during George W. Bush’s time in the White House?

Franklin Graham recently sat down with Newsmax where he reiterated his belief that America has turned its back on God by re-electing President Obama and declared that God will judge this nation for doing so by bringing America to its knees through a massive economic collapse in order to wake people up and turn them back to Him. Source with Video 


5 comments on “Graham: God Will Judge America for Re-Electing Obama Through a Massive Economic Collapse

  1. He presumes that America has been a commited Christian nation and has recently strayed from the faith. Roe vs. Wade was passed under a Republican administration in 1972, but it took all these years before God will judge America? It’s just nonsense and is based entirely on idolatry toward the nation called America. The hatred for Obama is palpable and an embrassment to the gospel. Men like Franklin Graham have dug in their carnal heels and are compromising the gospel to a much greater degree than is President Obama.
    I watched a program about a heroin addict. She was 23 years old and had been an addict for many years. At the age of 13 her mother decided to live her own life and ran away. She shacked up with a boyfriend. The girl’s father was somewhat emotionless and was employed as an engineer. Needless to say none of them were believers. As the girl went from alcohol to pot and all the way to heroin, she still desired to contact her mother.
    Finally she went to visit her mother and although the relationship was strained, she went several times. On one visit the mother’s boyfriend raped this girl. He raped her several times over the next few months but the girl kept quiet. Finally, she opened up and told her mother. Instead of calling the authorities (she was 15 at the time) the mother blamed her daughter for perhaps leading the boyfriend on. That lead the 15 year old girl into heroin.
    Let me inform all you believers who suggest the world will end if gay marriage becomes legal. For some, like this girl, the world has already ended. And while we play stick our finger in the moral dike, millions like this girl need Jesus. I doubt the western church even cares anymore.

  2. That’s bad enough, but a feature writer (actually a retired minister of the Church of Scotland) in our local paper here in Scotland reports an unnamed US Pastor who quoted Psalm 109 in relation to Obama’s re-election, part of which reads, ‘Let his days be few and let another take his office. May his his children be fatherless and his wife a widow’. Elsewhere, apparently, a 28 year old pregnant woman from Arizona ran over her husband with their jeep, simply because he didn’t vote against President Obama.
    Maybe you can confirm these reports (and I have left out a couple I consider unprintable).

    • Well the one about the woman who ran over her husband has been in the news here lately. Also one about a businessman who committed suicide rather than having to face another four years of Barack Obama. As for the pastor quoting Psalm 109, I don’t know about that one, but I can certainly believe it. Its pretty shocking what these prosperity preachers come up with when they try to apply their heretical theology to politics. On the other hand, these religious extremists are increasingly being marginalized and in a few more election cycles we my even be beyond this madness. The core of the Republican electorate consists of aging white males and this is not a growing constituency in America these days. Younger voters are overwhelmingly either liberal or moderate politically and they are the rapidly growing base of the Democratic Party which currently occupies a more centrist position politically. My greatest concern when it comes to the political situation in the USA is that the current situation will open to much of an opportunity to extreme liberals and the pendulum will thus swing to far, which is not a good thing either. But in any case, the Kingdom of God which is NOT of this world remains intact and ever victorious and that is where are true citizenship and identity lie. And nothing else really matters. Contrary to what the prosperity gospel teaches, transient prosperity and health does not in any way necessarily indicate righteousness, nor does transient poverty and affliction in any way necessarily indicate unrighteousness. In fact prosperity and health can be a curse from God (He chastises those he loves) and poverty and affliction can be a blessing (it was the fate of many biblical saints).

  3. Gordon – I think the story about the woman is true. But let us be honest, how many millions of believetrs have run over President Obama in their minds, which Jesus said was just as bad as the very act.

  4. http://www.blackamericaweb.com/news/top-news/woman-runs-over-husband-not-voting-against-obama

    Mr Gordon the news you want confirmed is above.

    Mr Graham is talking as if the alternative to the president was remotely christian. Forget the Mormonism of Romney, How many people were aware of the fact that Paul Ryan was an Ayn Rand devotee. He said it with his God given mouth. Ayn Rand that considered selfishness as the highest form of morality. She was an atheist opposed to Christ. I can only imagine if any democrat aspiring to the presidency were to share Ayn Rand’s view. Mr Graham will be apoplectic.

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