Ah yes…we need to “extrapolate strategies”

The folks involved in the Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture teachings crack me up. Some of the language can be a hoot. ūüôā

In the aftermath of the election, many of us in the evangelical church will have to reassess our strategies regarding what God is calling us to focus upon as we live out the mandate to disciple our nation (see Matt. 28:19). In my opinion, we have to start studying the book of Daniel to extrapolate strategies…

Yes, by all means, let us begin to “extrapolate strategies”. Whatever that’s suppose to means…

They love to toss in phrases or words which have, over time, evolved into their own secret coded-language. I’m not sure but I think it makes them feel they are operating spiritually, miles above Mr. and Ms. average ‘Joe & Joan’ Christian. ¬†

I’ve noticed “paradigms”or “paradigm shift” is another fav they toss in a lot,

It has been a week since the presidential elections in America Many have asked me for a response. I felt it wise to wait a few days in order to think, process and prayerfully consider my opinions. And though it is probably impossible to filter out all of my own thoughts, theologies and paradigms in order to hear only the Lord’s.

As is, “the marketplace”, “tearing down the dividing wall between the sacred and the secular”, “change agents”, the need to “establish a SWAT team of intercessors”, etc etc etc…

If you want to know what all these words and phrases really mean, think Dominionism/Theocracy. Because that is their ultimate goal.

I do get a kick from reading some of their stuff, if for no other reason then its fun to read “stuff” written by a bunch of self elevated wind-bags. ¬†

*All quotes are from their website, Reclaiming the 7 Mountains of Culture

4 comments on “Ah yes…we need to “extrapolate strategies”

  1. One thing does not change for these people is their desire for Mr. And Ms. Joe & Joan to be faithful supporter partners as these come up their new paradigms!

  2. The Biblical strategy: “He who does not deny himself cannot be my disciple.”
    Not very appealling to the modern thinking. Rick Warren once quipped that if he was granted one hour personally with any sinner he could lead them to Christ. The hubris of man.

  3. “Impacting the culture” – Lance Walnau
    Radical [insert pseudo-spiritual term] – Patricia King

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