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Incomprehensible: Wrap your mind around this…

No real topic here, just a post I found interesting because of the absurdity. 

Good news keeps rolling in if you are an avid fan of Fox News. Up in Michigan they passed a law designed to neuter unions. Now another bit of good news! Hard-working Americans are doing better than ever.

Take Jim Skinner. According to Bloomberg, Skinner made $8.75 million last year, including overtime.

Skinner made that giant pile of cash because he works so incredibly hard as CEO of McDonald’s. You are probably asking yourself, “How does he do it?” How does he rise out of bed every morning and trudge off to work? Does he say to himself, “Well, suck it up Jim, you’re going to earn your $35,000 today.”

While I’m use to hearing about CEO’s and big time executives making millions a year, seeing it broken down like this ($35,000 a day) kinda blew my mind. A day! can you imagine heading off to work every day knowing you’re making that much money? ahaha.. I can’t seem to wrap my mind around it. 

Not too many miles away, in another part of Chicago, Tyree Johnson, 44, is also preparing for the workday ahead. Johnson holds down two part-time positions at two different McDonalds, and earns $8.25 per hour. Minimum wage in Illinois.

OK, now that I understand. The Tyree’s in this country I can relate to, not earning a whole lot more myself for the 30 years I was in the work force.

more here

Can’t help it, I find stories like this fascinating. 


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