Another Embarrassing Voice Heard From

Excellent post by Rick at Following Judah’s Lion, 

As is their want, the moralistic, patriotic voices rise to the occasion. Instead of having a common sense conversation on gun control, or better yet a sharing of the importance of eternity, Mike Huckabee pontificates about kicking God out of the schools… (continue here)

Rick’s observations reminded me of the term ‘Moralanity’, which Pastor Erik Raymond sees as a man-made monument being erected in this nation which is “obscuring the cross, which is the gospel monument to Christ, and his Christianity” 

I agree. 


3 comments on “Another Embarrassing Voice Heard From

  1. I can hear God saying now…”Oh great, another school I’ve been shut out from. Whatever shall I do? Now anything can happen and I am powerless to do anything to stop it…sigh.”

  2. Because the Lord does not come where He is not wanted right? He’s a gentleman, as one astute commentator said, right?

    You wicked and blasphemous men, if Christ were as you say we would all still be slaves to sin and death.

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