One of America’s largest megachurches rocked by a sexual and physical abuse scandal

This article which appears in the January 2013 issue of Chicago magazine, is one of the most frightening and disgusting reports I’ve ever read. Matter of fact, I couldn’t finish it. The one sentence that may make it worth your checking it out was this,

“We were taught to not question and to take the ‘man of God’s’ word over everything,”

Let Us Prey: Big Trouble at First Baptist Church

Folks, run and never look back if you ever hear teaching in your Church which demands you obey your pastor without question.


4 comments on “One of America’s largest megachurches rocked by a sexual and physical abuse scandal

  1. I am sad to say I was brought up with ‘obey your pastor without question’ and believed it 😦
    How my eyes have been opened this last decade as more is being exposed and churches losing all credibility. Only yesterday I discovered that Sovereign Grace Ministries (C J Mahaney et al) has finally imploded due to authority issues and improprieties. Sad, utterly sad, but God will not be mocked.

    • I wasn’t brought up with it but did attend a church which fell into that teaching. It was sad Sylvia. My entire family (the children and their families) loved our church and were very active in a number of out-reaches through-out the years. Our pastors began making trips to Florida to attend these church seminars and would return with all these new teachings…one was the congregation must never question the pastor’s authority or anything (new) he was bringing to us in the line of doctrines, etc. It got so bad we were also told to report to them if we overheard another member “questioning” the pastor. If i recall it was referred to being “holy watchdogs”. I stayed in that environment (though i was looked upon as being in rebellion) for over a year after it started. God showed me i had to stay until others (my family) could ‘see’ and were no longer blind to how wrong this was. It was actually funny how it came about. All of them suddenly had their eyes opened one sunday morning and walked out the door and never looked back. THANK GOD!

      Sylvia, i think this type of control is more common then we’ve been led to believe, don’t you?

      You mentioned Sovereign Grace ministry… i haven’t seen anything yet about that but will try to locate some information.

  2. PS: HAPPY CHRISTMAS to Pj and all followers here on this blessed site. May our precious Lord be real to each of us as we worship Him at this special time. Remember WE are the true church of God…..LIVING STONES not bricks and mortar.

    • Merry Christmas to you and your family Sylvia. I pray you all have a blessed & joyful season! 🙂

      Remember WE are the true church of God…..LIVING STONES not bricks and mortar.

      amen! One tool God has certainly used to show me the truth of that statement, has been the internet! Being able to connect with so many other living stones around the world these last 9 years has been not only an eye-opener but a pure blessing!

      Hallelujah, we are the Church sister!!

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