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Interview with Brother Andrew

Open Doors is a wonderful ministry. I first became involved with the work of Brother Andrew in the 1980’s while teaching sunday school. 

A lot of topics are covered within the interview, all of them interesting, but I especially liked his response to this particular question asked by CP,

CP:In my interview with Carl Moeller a few years ago, he shared with me that you have quite a few friends who are Hamas leaders and that you visited the most radical madrassa in Pakistan and gave a New Testament to the Islamic leader there. Tell us how these types of relationships are even possible when you are well-known as an evangelist?

Brother Andrew: What amazes me is people think this is not possible because everyone is open and radicals are often more open – although they appear to be against Christ. People who couldn’t care less – the man on the street – is harder to reach than the guy there who holds his reins and is known as a radical or a terrorist – which is a terrible word. I believe there are no terrorists because terrorists are not born – except my children were born, I thought they were terrorists for a long time, now we are good friends (laughs). Terrorists are made and it so strikes me that they have the right to complain that no one cared for my soul and that for me is the perfect setting of the making of a terrorist. Nobody cares for your soul, everybody writes you off, then you become a terrorist.

Let’s go there because they have the first right to hear who Jesus Christ is. That is my starting point, I go to them. You mentioned one or two, but as it happens I know all of them. I just came back a few days ago from visiting the Taliban, and I gave the “Father of the Taliban” a brand new Bible, an Arab Bible in same kind of cover and use of language as the Quran, but fully the story of the Bible and the Sharif Bible. And he was so happy with it and he looked at me and said, “You have given me books before.” And I said, “Yes a lot of them. I hope you are reading them to your students.” But that one he opened it, in the middle of his staff, teachers and sons and grandsons and began to read aloud the Bible I had given him. He was so grateful and we were happy that we could give that to him. Never write off anybody, you’ll be surprised how everyone that I have met is open to receive the messenger of God. Let’s then not write off anyone because that is how you and I got saved – God hadn’t written us off. We had every reason to be written off, but God didn’t. We must not write off any person Jesus died for, if that becomes our foreign policy then our foreign policy might be a lot different than it is today.

See: Interview: ‘God’s Smuggler’ on Megachurches, Persecuted Christians, and Friendship With Taliban and Hamas Leaders 


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