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The Most Dangerous Prayer

Good article by a guest columnist at the CP, The Most Dangerous Prayer for Pastors

I don’t think you could say more dangerous words than those found in the Lord’s Prayer. I don’t think you could pray a more radical prayer. Probably most of us, even in ministry, would hesitate to say these words if we really understood what we were saying. We would at least pause before repeating this prayer if we clearly understood that we were actually inviting upheaval into our lives and ministries. This prayer can’t be answered except through the tearing down and rebuilding of many things in our lives.

Here are the radical words I have been alluding to: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10). I must admit that I don’t always greet God’s kingdom with delight. I want certain things in my life, and I not only want them, but I know how, when, and where I want them.

In this way I stand with everyone in Scripture from Cain to Peter who wanted his own will or who followed his own way…

I get mad at someone not because he broke God’s law but because he broke mine. We get impatient with others because they seem to delay the realization of our kingdom’s purposes. Or we get discouraged with God because he brings the very uncomfortable things into our lives that we work so hard to avoid….

Full article here

What this brought to mind was what I heard my old pastor claim was “the” most dangerous prayer for any Christian to pray. Through personal experience, I’ve come to agree it is dangerous, for it’s not something we should ask for until we’re prepared. What is it?

Many may have different terms for it, but simply put, it’s asking God to search our hearts and reveal the hidden things. I can personally attest to the truth that He will be faithful to answer that prayer. 

We all have hidden, hidden even from our own conscience knowledge, ugliness folks. Do you believe that?  Its in us all…from the newest convert to the Christian saved for over 50 years. No one is exempt. And if we humbly ask for the Spirit of God to shine His light upon this ugliness, to reveal it to us, He will. It’s not pleasant, but the end result is awareness, repentance and growth in Christ.   

Anyway, that was brought back to me when reading this column today… 


One comment on “The Most Dangerous Prayer

  1. The Lord’s Prayer is the most radical prayer ever uttered. If only we knew what it was like to truly know God as Father, to know the reality of asking His Kingdom come, to know what it means to ask for daily bread, to understand the forgiveness of our sins while we are forgiving others their sins, to know the trust of not being led into trials/temptations but being delivered out of the grasp of evil, and to give and trust Him with all the glory and power and the very fate of the Kingdom itself.

    This is the prayer of our King and our God! Wow, you could spend a lifetime working just this out. It truly is a journey to tread His paths.

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