Again I come to you all with a prayer request.

As most regular readers here are aware, I have a number of autoimmune illnesses. Nothing new there, for you’ve probably grown use to my disappearing from the blog periodically for a few days at a time and automatically know the reason is one or another of these monsters has flared up. But God is good my friends, for He brings me through these seasons every time.

Anyway, a new monster has joined the line-up of autoimmune problems. And I’m asking for prayer. After a series of tests last week my doctor has informed me I have Graves disease. In one sense I was glad to get the diagnoses, for it explained why I had been feeling so miserable the past few months. So I thank God for now knowing the reason.

My primary physician has me on a couple different daily medications but feels its urgent I see an endocrinologist. I go Monday and Tuesday for further testing at the local hospital, and see this new doctor next Friday. I would deeply appreciate your prayers in the coming week. My hope is this can be gotten under control quickly with medication.

Thank you in advance folks! God bless you…


14 comments on “Prayer..

  1. I was diagnosed with Grave’s in 1994 having 11 times the normal hormone level. For a time I required medication to bring the level down, and then had the problem permanently alleviated by nuclear medicine which involved drinking a glass of radioactive water (tasted like stale water). As this stops the thyroid from producing the required hormone, I need to take a pill a day (Synthroid) to have the normal hormone requirement. Never a problem since. In other words, don’t worry as it is easily treated.

    • Thanks and God bless you Wout,

      You can’t know how much your comment has encouraged me tonight. Between the nightly tremors, heat, and nausea i had grown anxious and frankly, a little frightened. I’m so glad you commented!

  2. Lord Jesus, who would rather we turn too at times like thus? We turn our attention to You and ask and pray that You would speak the Word and heal PJ wiping away all these sicknesses and diseases. Do it now in Jesus’ Name to Yours and our Heavenly Father’s and the Holy Spirit’s Eternal Glory and Praise! Amen and amen.

  3. Praying for you pj, sending hugs too. 🙂 xoxox Take good care and rest.

    • Thank you sister. 🙂

      I don’t like to keep coming to you all, but M’Kayla, there is no denying when i have in the past, i can feel the results of people’s prayers.

      I’m so grateful…

  4. I’m standing and agreeing with you in prayer, PJ. Please know that I won’t ever think you ask for prayer too often. (I imagine there are a number of others who would feel the same way.)

    • Thanks Adam.

      I use to think suffering in silence was a sign of strength, but i don’t believe that any-more. Its nothing but pride Adam…at least in my case it has been for years. You tell yourself, “i don’t want to bother people”…and that may be true! You don’t. But i hope to have finally learned asking the body of Christ for prayer, isn’t bothering them, it’s what we’re suppose to do.

  5. Praying for you! I have an autoimmune disease as well, I know what you are going through.

    • Thank you Teresa..

      Its a very strange sensation isn’t it, to know your body has turned on itself. I told my best friend the other day that there must be a spiritual lesson in all this. 🙂

  6. Billy and I will pray for you PJ. May the Lord touch you with His healing hand …

  7. I came across this by accident today, but I wanted to stop and pray for you but also ask how you are doing? Love and Prayers PJ.

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