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The Art of Deception

Sobering message at Judah’s Lion blog,

There was a recent documentary on television called “Hubris” which outlines the manipulation and sometimes out right lying which led America to war in Iraq. After ten years we still have a presence in Iraq and soldiers still die in Afghanistan. And before going in the lying tongues of politicians told the public that this would not be another Vietnam.

War breeds lying and manipulation and many people become wealthy. And war brings death and mutilation and misery. But the patriotic spirit many times covers up the reality and horror of war and provides a forum for well fed and hedonistic people to revel in a misguided nationalistic spirit. It happens oh so often among believers as well. Thousands of men and women have died and many thousands will live wounded and maimed for the rest of their lives. But let us be very clear, except for the initial attempt to bring justice to Osama Bin Laden, the rest was manipulated lies by the ruling political class in America.

Although President Obama presented a platform that was less aggressive than was President Bush’s, his policies are very close to that of his predecessor. I am not a part of any of it, but I continue to feel a strong sense of responsibility to inform and correct my brothers and sisters in Christ because so many of them are walking in a state of delusion.

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Rick’s message reminded me of an episode of the hit TV series Mash. Oddly enough it was just aired last night on MeTV. 

It starts with the characters lamenting the fact of there not being any “good” rousing war songs related to the Korean war, like in the “good old days” of the first and second world wars. The task of writing one ultimately falls upon the character Father Mulcahey, portrayed by actor William Christopher. 

The episode ends with Father Mulcahey presenting his idea of a  Korean war song,

There’s no one singing war songs now like people used to do,

No “Over There,” no “Praise the Lord,” no “Glory Hallelu.”

Perhaps at last we’ve asked ourselves what we should have asked before, With the pain and death this madness brings, what were we ever singing for?

While America’s Evangelical Christians might not have been coming together to bellow-out rousing war songs prior to and during the Iraqi war, they were indeed beating the war drums both privately and publicly. And sadly many continue to beat the same drums today.



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