Pot Meets Kettle: Steve Strang, “Why Paul and Jan Crouch Can’t Escape Accountability”

Charisma’s Steven Strang, who for years has promoted and published prophetic words and teachings from the likes of Bob Jones, James Goll, Matt Sorger (13 Prophecies for 2013) and Cindy Jacobs, wants to lecture the Crouch’s on accountability? Me thinks he needs to remove the log from his own eye first….


I was scheduled to be at TBN in Dallas Friday for an exclusive interview with Paul and Jan Crouch about the Trinity Broadcasting Network’s 40th anniversary in May. But it won’t happen because Jan Crouch canceled at the last minute.

We don’t usually cover ministry anniversaries, but TBN is marking the milestone with a big celebration, and they approached me about running an article in Charisma. I agreed only after they agreed to an exclusive interview with Paul and Jan. Their younger son, Matt, the heir apparent, would have been there. Marcus Yoars, editor of Charisma, and I would have tag-teamed with the questions.

I have known Paul and Jan for many years. I respect what they built, and I recognize its value to the Body of Christ. I can identify with them. We have a common Assemblies of God heritage. They began with very little—just as I did—about the same time. I know they love Jesus and are committed to spreading the gospel. But as TBN has grown, strange things have developed, and they now are one of the most controversial Christian ministries out there. As a family friend told me about the Crouches, they built an empire but didn’t build a life.

Covering them objectively as a journalist has been tough. I’m aware that they have had negative press coverage from the secular media, which looks at everything with a jaundiced eye and enjoys ridiculing Pentecostals. I know the Crouches well enough to know they are good people. So when we’ve written about TBN, it has generally tried to focus on the good things—like saying a glass is half full instead of half empty!

But I’ve also learned that people at TBN don’t like to deal with controversy—especially about TBN. I didn’t know how we’d ask the questions the Christian community wants to know: about why their oldest son, Paul Jr., left the network, or the lawsuit and allegations from their granddaughter. Readers wanted to know why they allow ministers who have had nasty divorces—and in one case is accused of fathering a child by a teen in his church—on their telethons and stations. They wanted to know about how the more than $400 million-a-year budget is spent.

I know the Crouches well enough to know they feel the last part isn’t anyone’s business, as long as they follow the law. They rebuff inquiries about their finances. Though they aren’t answerable to us, they are answerable to the Christian public who donate the millions, just as public companies must be accountable to their shareholders.

In some ways the Crouches know this. They gush over how they love their TBN partners. They talk about the “little grandmas” who send in their love gift every month.

But what about those who feel some things on TBN make a laughing stock of all charismatics and Pentecostals? Or that with some of the questionable programming they are spreading confusion around the world at the same time they’re spreading the gospel?

I decided I’d invite you to suggest the questions that Marcus Yoars and I could ask on your behalf. And we have been inundated with questions. Click here and read them. Many are vicious—which may say more about the questioners than about TBN or the Crouches.

Before we could compile our final list of questions, I learned Jan cancelled only a few hours after my newsletter went out on the Internet asking what we should ask the Crouches. Maybe she saw the questions about her pink hair or plastic surgery, or questions about why she is seen with handsome young men over the years more than with her husband.

I would not have asked those kind of questions some would consider rude. We would have instead gone over their successes. But we also would have given them the opportunity to go on the record about some of these issues that need to be addressed. That’s because I believe TBN has a real public relations problem. In many circles, it’s a laughing stock. And with Paul and Jan being as old as they are—he’ll be 79 on March 30 and she turned 75 yesterday (March 14)—they need to be concerned about how they will be remembered in history after they are gone.

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6 comments on “Pot Meets Kettle: Steve Strang, “Why Paul and Jan Crouch Can’t Escape Accountability”

  1. MEOW…

    Strang has his claws out 🙂

  2. Things must be getting really sticky when the cheerleaders run for cover.

  3. A couple days ago I was almost finished reading through the comments under Strang’s first article – and the majority were hitting him hard – when I happened to swing back over to my email and saw that Strang had posted his follow-up article. He really turned on the Crouches fast! In the first article he said they were among the most well-respected leaders in the body of Christ. In the second article he talked as if he’s seen through their charade for years.

    It’s obvious that he read the comments from his first article, so my skeptical side says that he “did what he had to do” to appease his readers by throwing them under the bus. I think he really underestimated his readers’ ability to compare notes between the first and second articles, though. It’s strange (pun intended).

    • Adam, he sure did turn on them fast!

      My instincts tell me something else more serious then Jan canceling an interview, is going on.

  4. TBN , aka , the blasphemy network, what a sad and sorry circus this has been .

    —they need to be concerned about how they will be remembered in history after they are gone.
    end quote

    No , they need to be concerned if they will be remembered by God .

    • Amen Ray.

      Back in the early 80’s, when their organization was small, i use to watch a lot of their programs. We could receive about 6 hours of fuzzy quality shows in my area back then and felt blessed to have them. But they changed over the years and like many folks, i stopped tunning in.

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