Sarah Palin: I still shudder…

Remember the “good ole days” when Christians all over the internet were drooling over this “Christian” woman believing her to be the “next Esther” or endowed with “the Deborah anointing”?

Well, here’s your Deborah anointing folks…

Sarah Palin Classes Up CPAC


6 comments on “Sarah Palin: I still shudder…

  1. As you know I do not droole over any politician. But Palin has always been a fraud to me as well as being part of a dominionist view. She pursues money and spend precious little with her family. The joke she made is probably tame compared to the ones she tells in private.

    • I’ll never forget the day after she was nominated to run for VP. The Christian blogs, boards and news sites lit up across the internet like a Christmas tree with “hallelujahs” and “praise the Lords” because a “true Christian” was picked to be McCain’s running mate; and when asked, not a single one of these folks knew one iota about this woman except she claimed to be a Christian!

      When i pointed this out here you’d have thought i’d committed the unpardonable sin.

      A fraud? You betcha!

  2. I really believe that this link that proto shared illustrates a colossal difference. We should be able to discern things without hatred. That is something believers have forgotten about President Obama.

    • That is something believers have forgotten about President Obama.

      That’s true. Instead of only voicing disapproval for policies, with this president it’s become personal. The Christians im referring to hate the man.

      I’ve tried to figure this hate out now for 5 years, and frankly i still don’t get it.

      We should be able to discern things without hatred

      I don’t believe its possible to properly discern when hatred is present. Biblical discernment is a spiritual gift (1 Corinthians 12) so it operates by and through the Spirit of God. Knowing this, should we trust the discernment of a fellow believer who hates? God forbid! No!

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