The Founders Bible? Patriot’s Bible? Now the KJV Military Bible? I’m done…

I can understand the sentiment… 😦

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8 comments on “The Founders Bible? Patriot’s Bible? Now the KJV Military Bible? I’m done…

  1. I like the Chuck Norris Bible. Now that’s classy!

  2. Before I was called from darkness, I received a Marine’s Bible as a gift. I never opened it or read it, unless I was looking for some talisman like power or gnostic-understanding for my love, America. I can’t recall if it was when I converted or even before when I was wrestling with truth, however, I cut my name out of it and gave it away to a library. I hadn’t even give up my patriotism and somehow knew that the eagle, globe and anchor had no place on the Scriptures.

    Thinking now, I might have even burned it as a compromised, syncretic piece of garbage housing the very words of God. Anyway, it’s all very sick. I feel your pain PJ.


  3. The Drone Operator’s Bible
    The Waterboarder’s Bible
    The Spealth Bomber’s Bible

    Which universe are we living in?

    • You know, on the surface those bible versions may sound improbable but i wouldn’t be surprised to see them gracing the shelves of my local Christian bookstores any day now.

  4. you have a Christian bookstore …

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