The Myth of Christian Persecution

This article, appearing at a widely read news source, does not surprise me at all. And let me tell you why…

Simply put the term “Christian persecution” has, in America, become a broad catch·all or catch phrase which now means virtually nothing.

For instance, when you have idiots (in the media) continually using the term “Christian persecution” to rant against businesses who use “Happy Holidays” instead of Merry Christmas in their advertising campaigns in December, or politicians claiming “Christian persecution” (case in-point, Rick Santorum) every time some group or person strongly disagrees with his stands on reproductive rights etc. the real definition of Christian persecution suffers. And frankly from my perspective, it demeans those around the world…present and in the past, who suffer(ed) real persecution for their faith.

What you will ultimately end up with is a culture which produces authors who deny there is, or ever was, ANY TYPE of Christian persecution in the history of the Church.

See: The Myth of Christian Persecution

IF and/or when real Christian persecution comes to these shores,  the American Church will not be prepared. Not if it believes what we see today is “persecution” for our faith. And you can take that to the bank…


3 comments on “The Myth of Christian Persecution

  1. The author downplays many persecutions that took place at the hands of governments, Muslims, and the Roman Catholic Church. I believe the writer is a Roman Catholic? The Book of Martyrs refutes his diminished view.

  2. What amazes me is when God gets done chastising us so that we share in His holiness in this life and on into the next we sometimes misplace that suffering as Christian persecution! Go figure!

    But rest assured when REAL Christian persecution hits REAL Christians in America we will stand out like a bright LIGHT shining in a very dark place!

    The Good News about it is that a shining LIGHT has gotten a lot of lost ships on the high seas safely to the safe harbors and shores of Christ!

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