Waiting for Armageddon

Watched this last night and thought it was fascinating.

Don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon hearing one participant in this video (think he was a pastor?) talking about how it will be “fun” to watch (from heaven) those left on earth being slaughtered after the rapture.


Watch: Waiting for Armageddon 


5 comments on “Waiting for Armageddon

  1. This video illustrates with uncomfortable reality how the evangelical church sits with its smugness and plays pin the tail on the prophecy while millions perish. It is painful to watch as millions are spent on trips to Israel so western believers can have an experience which includes being baptized in the Jordan. We have created our own golden calf and we treat the prophecies as inspiring stories that have us always on the right side of things.
    Why do people who say they believe such things and yet live unremarkably alongside people who do not? And instead of being almost fanatical about reaching souls, they spend all kinds of money holding self serving conferences where money can be made on books and Cds and where people with the same end tiomes chronology can feel superior to all the rest. It is idolatry and self righteousness in its purest form. But it is democracy and captialism with a thing veneer of Christian verbiage.
    Such things are a disgrace to the cause of Jesus Christ and only reveal that the western culture has consumed the faith once delivered unto the saints. Biblical prophecy was never given to us so we could make pie charts and sell books, It was given to substantiate the Word of Almighty God and to warn people that Christ will come in great power and judgment one day.
    It will be redemption for those who have fallen upon the Rock. But it will spell doom for those upon whom this Rock will fall. I abhor the dry eyed smugness. And leaders like Hagee who pontificate to the applause of men strongly suggest an imminent second coming and yet he builds 5 million dollar toys. As you can see, PJ, this film has struck a nerve in me and I will soon be putting what I believe the Lord desires into a post.

    • Henry im in agreement with everything you wrote. It struck a nerve here as well…

      If you had been here in my home during the viewing of this documentary, you would have had to endure hearing me loudly repeat over and over to the TV through-out the entire film, ‘where’s that in the bible!?’.

  2. Sorry to go off topic but here’s a interesting article from the NY Times about Christian Zionism. It even describes “Christian bar mitzvahs”. Bizarre!

    • Steve, thank you for “going off topic”! This is both a disturbing and fascinating article.

      I think it deserves it’s own post so i’ll be posting it with credit to you for pointing it out.

      Thank you brother..

  3. What caught my attention was the Rabbi talk about “their” views about the crazy dude Jesus who they “don’t” believe will return a second time and saying that with some intelligence and specificity!

    Well, so “they” have heard about Jesus and have heard enough about Him to form that opinion? Hmmmmmm!!!! That’s telling.

    We have got to take notice of that. That that you saw and heard makes the Word the Apostles preached in Jerusalem could alive! That spirit is blinding and we get to see and sense the nature of that spirit as we listen to him and consider their deception.

    The things Rick clicked off are unsettling just because this self serving spirit is guiding people blindly into eternal dangers both there and here any everywhere that spirit works among people around the world.

    What does the scripture teach us? Do we just ignore this and do we do nothing to retaliate against the spirits doing that to them?

    What most sobers me is the first family, the couple working on the jet and the acumen with which they speak. That touches my heart and disturbs me.

    Why? Well try to put it into perspective. Aren’t they deceived too? Right along with the Rabbi and his group. So is the tour guide. So are the pastors from across the country putting forth their beliefs; and then Hagee and Hunt! Startling it is because these folks , consider it, these folks everyone of them is just a breath away from an eternity separated from The Lord right now as they are in that video!!!! We see this! Let the severity of that fact sink into your spirit! If that doesn’t disturb you something is wrong.

    Maybe even some of them are passed now as we make these comments? That gives me great pause and a measure of agony!

    Ok, that’s my rant for the day!

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