Funny of the Day

Nothing like a good solid biblical reason, spoken by a minister of the gospel, for “why gay marriage” is wrong…

On yesterday’s “Hagee Hotline,” Matthew Hagee warned that legalizing gay marriage would spell “the death of capitalism.”

“The only relationship in natural law that can produce consumers,” Hagee declared, “is the relationship between a man and a woman. When you create a society that does not recognize this relationship as the foundation of its existence and you cease to produce what is required to sustain your economy, you will not survive”

Matthew Hagee: Gay Marriage Will be ‘the Death of Capitalism’


3 comments on “Funny of the Day

  1. I heard that. Can you imagine such a thing? Capitalism? Really? That is what they see in gay marriage? It is easy to see where their minds are. Money is always the key. It is hard to see where this thing will go since it has long since gone off the rails.

  2. I couldn’t help myself from laughing at this. Can you imagine “the death of capitalism” being used when witnessing to a practicing homosexual for “the” reason he/she needs to stop?

    God help us…

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