Rick Wiles: Nuclear Bombs Will Destroy American Cities If We Don’t Become A Christian Nation

The radio host and preacher expanded on earlier statements that President Obama is “a devil from Hell” and North Korea’s hostility toward the United States is because of gay marriage. Wiles believes that God is removing his protection from the United States and will destroy us unless we become a Christian nation.

Audio interview here

Also see Rick Frueh’s newest post at Following Judah’s Lion, The Homophobic Gospel


4 comments on “Rick Wiles: Nuclear Bombs Will Destroy American Cities If We Don’t Become A Christian Nation

  1. Every time I read one of these wing nuts I go further and further out on the ledge. I’m afraid I may jump soon! 🙂

  2. How many Christians does it take to make it a Christian Nation.

  3. If homosexuals are the enemies of God like crazy Rick says why not apply Lk 6:27-28,31,35-38 which says we are to love, pray for, treat them the way we want to be treated, be kind & do favors for, be merciful to & not judge. Finally it says how we give to others is how God will give to us. Do these crazy preachers even read the Bible? As for me I am in a season of vindication as all the false teachers I have been judged by have fallen. And full vindication is coming! Praise the Lord! Rapturegirl777

  4. And these are the nuts who recently wanted a Mormon Bishop in the White House!

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