Why I Do Not Support or Oppose Gay Marriage

Recent post by David Flowers at  The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ 

A few weeks ago I posted Support Us or You’re a Bigot? here at the blog. I received a steady wave of feedback. It was mostly civil. I learned this much, if you want to boost your blog traffic just express your views on homosexuality or gay marriage. The primary point of Support Us or You’re a Bigot? was to voice my concerns over the name-calling and the vitriol that is so common when we allow extremists to set the stage of any debate. It’s wrong, unfair, and dishonest. A person can disagree with “gay marriage” and still love their gay neighbor, just as they do their Muslim, Wiccan, and white supremacist neighbor…

Let me be clear. I don’t support or oppose gay marriage. And for good reason. It is for me a conviction rooted in Christ and his ability to creatively navigate cultural situations and contexts for the sake of the Kingdom.

I wonder if you have recognized that we can’t hear a third way of dealing with this in the culture because the matter is truly unlike most issues involving civil rights. It’s not a race issue, it’s a moral issue. And some folks are legitimately concerned that if “gay marriage” is sanctioned (based on the feelings one person has for another), then what is to stop polygamy, or something even more detestable? Are you going to deny their “rights” too?

You can’t easily brush this question aside if you’re an honest, thinking person. Why should “rights” stop with gay couples? It shouldn’t according to the logic of the LGBT folks and supporters I’ve heard. But what sort of world would we be inviting? It’s a question for the church and the state.

There you have it, folks—one more reminder why politics, and the rules it must operate by, will never be able to bring the full measure of peace, freedom, and justice we long for in the world.

No pragmatic politics or ethics will do. Without moral boundaries given from above, i.e. built into creation and divinely revealed, we must make it up as we go. “Do what thou wilt” shall be the whole of the law.

In case you missed it, I’ve been upfront that I don’t believe homosexuality (or even faithful “monogamous” homosexual relationships) is God’s best for humanity. And I believe this should be lovingly addressed in the church, right after we address the problem of divorce and adultery among heterosexuals. So, I believe it’s at this point an “in-house” issue.

The real problem I see here is what happens to the issue when it enters the ambiguous, complex, and nasty realm of politics. As an Anabaptist thinker and practitioner, this is where I bow out with a purpose.

Continued Here

David Flowers has posted a thoughtful article and I hope after reading it you’ll leave a comment. I’m very interested to hear what you think about his beliefs concerning the Church’s approach to this issue. 

One commenter (Chris Gorton) made what I considered an excellent point,

The gay marriage issue is just one of many where the enemy of our souls uses false alternatives to encourage us to cross lines that should not be crossed. We win by laying down our lives, not by trying to preserve our lifestyles….We must not battle on his terms. We have been given far more powerful weapons than his, if we will but use them.

Amen. “We win by laying down our lives, not by trying to preserve our lifestyles”….


12 comments on “Why I Do Not Support or Oppose Gay Marriage

  1. For too long the evil one has gotten us to shout at dead men as if they will come to life. It makes us feel moral and righteous but in reality it changes nothing and it minimizes the gospel. many centuries ago the church blended Christian marriages with governmental approval. And what we have now is far from Christian. And yet what disturbs us most in not the divorce rate or the massive infidelity within the church.
    What concerns us and takes up most of our conversation is what the kingdom of darkness is doing. And we act as if darkness gives darked rights to people it will destroy what? God’s kingdom? No, it will irritate us and compromise the purity of the culture.

  2. BTW – Even though this is a good articel this man endorse Rob Bell and other heretics. Sorry.

  3. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Hope you understood Lorraine, this was not written by me (though i do agree with the author) but was written by David Flowers.

  4. We have the erroneous idea that the Church has any stock in what the law of country we happen to reside in has to say about marriage. The Romans said the husband can execute his wife and any/all of his children for any given reason because they belong to him.

    The reality was the Church was gushing with a divine love that these women, trapped in loveless and sometimes abusive marriages, took up the revolution, became chaste for Christ, and sometimes died. It wasn’t perfect (look at the churches in Corinth), but it was true life found in the utterly overwhelming love of God found only in Christ.

    Let the State define marriage how it wants, let the world wring its hands in population declines/explosions and tax benefits. The Assembly of Jesus Christ is given our teachings from our Master, let us move towards that regardless.

    As a side note: there’s just such a lack of situational mercy. What if a gay man comes to Christ, but struggles with leaving a long time partnership? He is still homosexual but no longer wants to be gay. Many would slam the door on his face without walking with him as he journeys. Ultimately, it is the lack of faith that the Spirit of the Lord carries us into the reality: that we are now citizens of the Kingdom of Light. If the only valid expression of sexuality is in a monogamous union of a man and a woman, than that truth will be revealed. But don’t worry about that. Point to Christ, seek the Kingdom, and truth will follow.

    My 2 cents (per usual),

    • Let the State define marriage how it wants, let the world wring its hands in population declines/explosions and tax benefits. The Assembly of Jesus Christ is given our teachings from our Master, let us move towards that regardless….

      Point to Christ, seek the Kingdom, and truth will follow.

      Amen Cal. Your 2 cents states it perfectly. 🙂

  5. You sound like you have been watching too many stale re-runs of Joel Osteen worming his way through auditions as a used car salesman/theologian-NOT on Oprah’s new age network. Instead of articulating (or regurgitating) – you can choose the term which is more applicable to your position – Osteen’s ignorant and shallow “it’s not God’s best” idiocy in response to the issue of homosexuality, you might want to actually study the issue in the Bible for yourself before taking another dose of Osteen’s spiritual tranquilizer downed with a rainbow-stained glass of his lukewarm toxic religious water. The sin that kills has its murderous way when repentance is cast aside for the sake of worldy comfortability. The demons of sexual promiscuity take temporary comfort in knowing that they will not be evicted from the minds and lifestyles of the 21st century citizens of resurrected Sodom. Oh, they know their doom is assured and their judgment comes, but alas, they feast upon the spiritually comatose Sodomites, ravaging their bodies with disease and the worm which cannot be extinguished. Soon, when there are no Sodomite corpses left to canabalize, the demons will screech in rage and turn towards the pacifist guardians of the lost souls of the outer Siddim Valley and in one final challenge to God’s demand for repentance, the demons, the Sodomites, the prophets of Baal and their hellish Queen Jezebel, the grandiose theologians of deception and the pulpit pimps of all things perverse will melt in rivers of molten anger which flows from God’s final eternal judgment. Close up the book John until the final days when God will take revenge upon all those who loved the darkness rather than the light, upon those who gave honor to the lie and dishonor to His truth.

  6. Proto wrote about this issue awhile back. As usual he digs deep and tries to cover a lot of territory, so it’s quite long. A little too much for some I think, but if you wade through it you’ll come out the better. His take is basically the same, neither for nor against. In fact if I recall he’s saying that everyone is just asking wrong questions.

    I don’t know if you let people post links but here it is. I came here from his site.


  7. I find this article and some of the comments very disturbing, and perhaps the most unsettling is the authors thought that homosexual marriage is not Gods best for humanity.Really!!! , doesn’t God declare, quite unambiguously that homosexuality is an abomination.Who is David Flowers kidding , what camp does he purport to be standing in. Yes, he does speak for the church, but IMHO, it is the apostate church he speaks for, the one that has abandoned the truth and gone after its own vain philosophies.to be clear, the subject that the author raises, along with the mentioned issues of divorce and adultery , are not cultural, societal, political or even moral issues, they are as far as the gospel , and the churches commission to preach the gospel, very much sin issues, and until the church addresses the failure on its part to preach that Christ came and died for sinners, we will dance around these things a thousand different ways.

    • Who is David Flowers kidding , what camp does he purport to be standing in

      Hi mondoray,

      I think you’d be better off asking David Flowers personally. If you’ll follow the link in the post it will take you to his website and the article. He allows comments and im sure, questions. I did notice he does respond to them as well.

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