The Lion is on His Way

I do recall this and thought it was interesting too,

In September of last year the president of a large nation stood before all the nations gathered in the assembly hall of the United Nations in New York City. He spoke about peace and understanding, but in his speech he also proclaimed that Jesus was coming back.

Can you imagine such a thing? A president of a nation proclaims before the whole world that Jesus Christ the Savior is returning to this world.

Surely it must have been the president of a self proclaimed “Christian” nation like England or the United States. Surely it must have been a president that professes Christ. That is what you might think, but you would be wrong.

The man was….

See: The Lion is on His Way at Following Judah’s Lion

2 comments on “The Lion is on His Way

  1. In Islamic Apocalypticism, both Jesus Christ and Mahdi return.

    I have seen him described as Al-Harris or lion, victorious lion.

    • Thanks for the link Bene…

      In the middle of posting this yesterday my daughter called and i was telling her about the topic…she commented that God can, has in the past, and will even today, speak truth through any vessel He chooses.

      She even brought up Balaam’s donkey 🙂

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