Phyllis Schlafly: Bring Back McCarthyism

I have hated watching what has taken place in this nation over the last few years. Its as though we’re on a determined path to destroy ourselves from within.

While the Prophecy authors, and a hand-full of the usual nuts, go about warning of God’s judgment “soon” to come upon America, I believe they are like the farmer who ran to close the barn door after the horses had escaped. They are blind, these “judgment warn-ers” for judgment has already been poured out upon America in the form of a strong delusion, sent by God. Its the only explanation for the insanity and self-destruction we are witnessing today. How else do we explain that nuts, conspiracy theorists, and crazies (in and out of the church) have taken center-stage in this country? 

Anyway, I am aware the above comment has little to nothing to do with this story below…except perhaps to show further proof of the evil spirit which has been loosed upon this nation.


Eagle Forum founder and Joseph McCarthy admirer Phyllis Schlafly is using the Boston marathon bombings as an excuse to push for the reinstatement of the notorious House Committee on Un-American Activities.

“It would be useful to reinstate the House Committee on Un-American Activities,” Schlafly wrote in a column yesterday, “so we can have a look at those in our midst who may be jihadists, dupes of violent Muslim indoctrination, or (in old Communist lingo) fellow travelers or useful idiots.”

In her column, which she titled, “Are You American 1st or Muslim 1st?,” Schlafly further argues that while it is okay to be a Christian first and American second, Muslims who put faith first should not be allowed in the country.

Continued here: Schlafly: ‘Reinstate the House Committee on Un-American Activities’


9 comments on “Phyllis Schlafly: Bring Back McCarthyism

  1. God does not see things through national or ethnic eyes. He does not “judge” America as if this religios monstrousity was a single entity. God sees two and only two kingdoms which are the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. Now the members of each kingdom are strewn throughout the world and exist in every man made country.
    If a church was comprised of 10% believers and 90% believers would that be a church? And how can God ever “bless” any country? In fact, America was birthed through violence and had that proportion of believers at the outset. And that was of God? No, God does not deal with countries anymore He deals with individuals with the gospel. Until we see two kingdoms and only two we will always be addressing things as if God sees as do we. Schlafly is a devout Roman Catholic and a rabid patriot whose gospel has always been centered on abortion.
    What we fail to realize is that the overwhelming population that lives upon this piece of earth called America are alreay in chains of sin and religious bondage. In fact, patriotism and nationalism are a bone fide religion here.

  2. I do agree with your first paragraph, henri.
    Very Scriptural. No grey area with God.
    In or Out!
    This ancient lady, Phyllis Schlafly, is a lawyer, and is all over the map with thoughts.
    Too anti-feminist for my taste. Yet many other points ring true. Having a good debate I agree with. Another good point is her anti-muslim jihadist view. I have been sounding the “alarm” for decades. Now we see what muslims can do in the United States. I am not “mohamad-a-phobia”. It is a cult. Always has been. Not a religion.
    (see Dr. Walter Martin: Kingdom of the Cults)
    Even the Q’uran states that all muslims must “kill” the infidel. That is you, and me, and everyone who is not muslim. Pure Truth.
    This “passive” methedology we hear from muslims in Europe and the US and Canada, is a cloak for their true intentions. This is the muslim plan. (See Chicago meeting of head muslims re: taking over the US and the world.) A simple plan. Make babies by the dozen – forced upon the muslim woman. Gain more numbers by immigration. Then take over politics, make Sharia Law, and then take over the Country by population and changing the laws.
    If is takes too long, then muslims do civil war.
    It is happening all over the world!
    Many websites have all the proof you could ever need.
    Problem is: It is too late.
    Europe is too far gone.
    Christians will be, and are being persecuted and killed by muslims.
    United States stupidly allowed Sharia Law in States.
    Beginning of the end, unless drastic measures are taken.
    Canada, and a few other Christian Countries, have woken up the the truth of muslims and the Q’uran, and have stopped Sharia Law. They are still deep in the mud though.
    A website, http://www.salvationcanada.org has a video about the muslim plan of taking over countries by populating them. It is true. It is horrifying.

    When I read about Phyllis Schlafly, I think of a fly on the wall, compared to the monumental problem of the muslim cult planning to take over the world.
    I wish I could laugh this off as a “conspiracy theory”. It is not. It is very real, and coming to your Country.
    What are U going to do about it???

    Remember the Boston Marathon.

    An 8 year old boy. A young woman manager. A brilliant chineese woman. All dead.
    Lu Lingzi, a Grad Student at Boston U, dead. The pictures make it real. I suggest everyone look at them.
    The bombs were not meant to kill. They were meant to cause severe injuries, inducing fear and terror into the men woman and children of the United States, and bring glory to mohamad and all muslims.
    How many amputations of limbs???
    I cried.
    Oh, on the surface muslims say tisk tisk, that was bad.
    But Behind closed doors, the muslims laugh at the world – so gullible.
    I have seen it, experienced it, many, many times.
    Everyone needs to wake up, before it is too late. Especially Christians.
    Did you read about the Christians burnt alive by muslims?
    (see: The persecuted church)

    I leave with this: This old lady is the least of our problems.
    Everyone here should be leading a house church (Book of Acts).
    Everyone here should be studying the facts.
    Everyone here should be promoting the real Gospel. Loudly. Everywhere.

    ps. This just happened to me. Another “divine” appointment.
    Sitting having a beverage, an older woman asked if i minded her sitting at the table.
    “Plenty of room” I said. Shortly, she began talking about different things. I brought up Christianity. She said I should not talk about that. Why? I asked. She said she was a United Church Minister for 40 years, and no one ever talked about Christianity outside of the Church.
    What about the Great Commission, I said. (Gospels)
    She twisted her face, sneared, and with a sarcastic voice, declared, “That depends on how you interpret it”.
    Shocked, I pondered this quickly, praying for God to help me.
    I looked her straight in the eye and said:
    “A light is not hidden under a basket.” (Gospels)
    She blinked, roughy gathered her belongings, and silently stormed away.

    I thank and praise God, for using me, for giving her pure truth from the Bible,
    and for reminding me that we ALL are disciples of Jesus, making His Truth known throughout the world. Living the Real Christian life. There is nothing like it.


    God Bless!

    • Randy, Phyllis Schlafly is a fear mongering nut. Period. One of many who have cropped up in recent years.

      I read an interesting article which was posted last summer in The Nation magazine which tackles the topic of fear mongering concerning Sharia Law.

      I highly recommend it to anyone interested in this topic.

      The True Story of Sharia in American Courts

  3. “The cause of anti-communism, which united millions of Americans and which gained the support of Democrats, Republicans and independents, was undermined by Sen. Joe McCarthy … McCarthy addressed a real problem: disloyal elements within the U.S. government. But his approach to this real problem was to cause untold grief to the country he claimed to love … Worst of all, McCarthy besmirched the honorable cause of anti-communism. He discredited legitimate efforts to counter Soviet subversion of American institutions.” William Bennett, Reagan Administration Official

    The above quote is from the Wikipedia article on Joe McCarthy. I really believe it carries a LOT of insight. In a lot of ways Phyllis Schlafly is in the same bag, along with so many Christians. It is NOT that there is not danger, it is that extreme exaggeration and fear mongering only serve to conceal that danger rather than expose it. Islamic extremists pose a huge threat to the US and our way of life. No doubt about that. But tarring the blame on every Muslim in the world is not going to fix the problem, it is only going to make the problem worse. Is Islam a cult? Most certainly it is. So is Mormonism. But we don’t put people in jail for belonging to cults because we have freedom of religion in this country as defined in our Constitution. And just as Joe McCarthy smeared every socialist in the country with the label of “Communist”, Phyllis Schlafly would smear every Muslim with the label of “Islamic extremist”. These are the enemies in our midst and they are as dangerous as the enemies they claim to oppose. The solution is NOT panic, but to exercise common sense in a time of crisis and these people are instead spreading fear, uncertainty and doubt, which is undermining all the things we hold dear. And they are convinced that doing that is somehow “patriotic”. Their whole crusade hangs largely on the half-truths that they fling back and forth via anonymous spam emails and “yellow press” style newsletters. These are often fine Christian people and there are those I love dearly among them, but they have got it wrong. You can’t fight black lies with white lies. You fight lies with the truth and the truth IS Jesus Christ, nothing more, nothing less. The hand of the flesh is NOT going to defeat the devil and what Phyllis Schlafly and her fellow travelers are doing has the hand of the flesh written all over it.

    • In a lot of ways Phyllis Schlafly is in the same bag, along with so many Christians. It is NOT that there is not danger, it is that extreme exaggeration and fear mongering only serve to conceal that danger rather than expose it.

      George i totally agree. And isn’t that just like our enemy? All the extremism and fear-mongering causes our attention to be deviated AWAY from the real dangers. It’s promoted by our enemy to conceal what he is really up to.

  4. WoW!!! That is the worst, most anti-Christian article, from a no name, I have ever had to subject myself to. “The True Story of Sharia in American Courts”.
    The Devil himself could not have done better. Seriously!
    For example, and I quote:
    “Sharia is as much a threat to our Constitution as Bible verses calling for the stoning of adulterers or the genocidal directive in Deuteronomy to leave “alive nothing that breathes.” Like the Old and New Testaments, Sharia has its own conflicts…”
    How can Anyone compare Sharia, which is the Q’uran, to the Old Testiment???
    That is the Old Contract. We have a New Testiment – Contract. Thanks to Jesus.
    Just this one point shows how lie filled this article is. Seriously!

    No one can dispute that Sharia Law IS part of the plan that Muslums have “planned”
    to take over countries, and indeed, the world. It is a well know FACT.

    Further, Sharia Law Forces woman to submit to rape, and worse. Young muslum girls even have had their labia cut off with a kitchen knife – so they don’t feel pleasure when with their husband. (In order for the husband Only, to receive pleasure.)
    True Fact.

    Again, I have lived with muslums. They lie to your face like the Devil himself.
    We are “infidels”. All non-muslums, and especially Jews, Christians, and the USA,
    are to be “Killed”, according to the Q’uran. True Fact.

    Again, in Canada, Muslums tried in Ottawa, the Nation’s Capital, to institute Sharia Law. It almost went through. It was ready to go through. But then a group of Muslum woman spoke out against Sharia Law. They testified of the horrors Sharia Law caused each them. They were treated like less than cattle.
    Abused, raped, stoned, imprisioned, beated, lashed, even beheaded.

    If anyone thinks Sharia Law has ANY good in it, I spit on them.
    Your eyes have to be blind.
    Satan must hold your heart.

    Just because this false and lying article is on the Net, It is NOT the Gospel.
    The Q’uran, and Islam is a brainwashed Cult, trying to take over the world.
    Muslums have killed many, in many Countries, to terrorize the world. ie Al-Qaeda.

    Again, the Boston Marathon Bombing. It is real! Carried out by Muslums.
    There are many, many, many true articles and testimonies from Legitimate
    websites, about how Sharia Law is Islam is Muslum is Al-Qaeda is Anti-Christian.

    Sharia Law, after the former muslum woman’s testimony, changed the decision in Parliment in Canada, to denounce, rightly, Sharia Law.

    Sharia Law is of the Devil. The proof is everywhere. It is disgusting and a horror,
    I saw a live beheading of woman, because she left the house without a man, as dictated by Sharia Law. I saw a man have both his hands chopped of, because he stole something. There are more examples on http://www.liveleaks.com

    Search and See for yourself, the HORRORS of Sharia Law. It is FACT.
    Denounce Shari Law, the Muslum Law, Islam, the Q’uran.
    Denounce Shari Law, Loudly and at Length.
    It is a Cult. It kills Christians. It burns Christians alive!!!
    See the “Persecuted Church”.
    Sharia Law is wicked, perverse, and has NO place in a civilized world.

    There is no “getting along”, with muslums, and Sharia Law.
    The Bible tells us clearly what to do about “false gods”, “false religions”.
    Have No Part in them.
    In Fact, the Bible says we are to evangelize the world.
    Well, that is an automatic Death Sentence, in Sharia Law.

    Muslums lie throught their teeth. Muslums are worse than the Moonies, worse than Jehovah Witness, worse than Scientology, worse than Mormans, worse than All the Cults put together!!! Be very carefull around muslums.
    I just witnessed to a muslum girl a few days ago. Very brainwashed. Very Sad.

    Go research this for about 6 months, or 6 minutes.
    Sharia Law = Death. It is NOT fearmongering!
    Go live in a muslum Country for half a year, like I did.
    Go live in a muslum Country for 10 years, like my Pastor friend did.
    Sharia Law = Death, and the Q’uran makes Jesus not the Son of God.
    Any and ALL Christians know this is NOT fearmongering!
    This is Bible 101.
    All Bible Believing Christians, ALL, denounce Islam, the Q’uran, Sharia Law.
    This is Bible 101.
    Jesus says so.

    How can you not understand, PJ, others???
    Are Christians now to become Unitarians, Universalism, Hindu, or other false religion that accepts Islam, the Q’uran, Sharia Law???
    Allowing false gods and false books and false laws, is SIN, the Bible says.
    OT and NEW.
    Anyone who accepts Sharia Law, is not a true Christian, and needs to Repent,
    and read the Bible with more care.
    All of Assemblies of God, the largest Bible Believing Denomination in
    North America, denounce Islam, the Q’uran, and Shari Law, as Against Christ,
    a cult, an indoctrination into a fear fed frenzy of man made rules and laws that do nothing except control, kill, maim, cut off private parts, do anything to TERRORIZE people into submission to Sharia Law, the Q’uran, and Islam.

    Anyone who cannot see this threat to the world, is lost.
    (not fearmongering. It is Real. Please read for one month, the true wickedness and horror, of the Q’uran, Islam, and Sharia Law. Then tell me, and over one million Bible Believers, that we are not right.) Shari Law = Death. Mohammad is Not a god, or demi-god, or a “servant”. He is a pedophile, as stated in the Q’uran. He is a murderer. He made up the Q’uran to cover up his disgusting sins and perversions.
    Mohammad was NOT inspired by God. He hates the God of the Christians, Jesus. Only the Bible is “God inspired” Mohammad is a control freak of a fear based controlling cult. Mohammad will NOT go to heaven, will NOT get 44 Virgins, will NOT be made a god. Mohammad IS burning in Hell. The Q’uran WILL burn too.
    Mohammad is False, self-deceived, and against Christ.

    Please go read the Truth, or speak to a person has the Truth.
    The Q’uran, Islam, and Sharia Law, are a sure way to HELL.

    The First Commandment, Exodus 20:
    “And God spake all these words, saying,
    2 I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage.
    3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
    4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:
    5 Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;
    6 And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments.

    This is also said in many ways throughout the New Testament.

    We Christians Live by the Bible, NOT islam, q’uran, or shari law.
    We Christians Obey the Bible, NOT mohammad.

    I end off saying, I do appreciate my about 100 former muslum friends.
    They are so Happy to reject and denounce Islam, mohammad the cruel man, the corrupt q’uran, and perverted sharia law.
    Truth, in the Name of Jesus.
    I do, on occassion, for many years now, help out at an Arabic Church. All have denounced the cult of Islam, and embraced the One True God, Jesus Christ.

    Any muslum reading this, Repent!!! Believing in mohammad, or a rock that in fact is a meteorite (mecca), or the Q’uran, Will, Will, Will, land you in Hell.
    Only Jesus can save you!
    Only Jesus.
    Repent of anything muslum, and get into a church, or find a person, who
    can help you. Your muslum “friends/family” will try to kill you for “dishonouring” them and mohammad. Leave, Run, make a new life. A life unto Christ, our Saviour.
    My prayers are with you, as are the prayers of the Arabic Christian Church.

    Live for Jesus Christ. His Truth awaits you.
    Think Hard about it.
    Your very SOUL, and eternal life, are in the balance.
    Choose wisely!

    God Bless.

    • Randy, i believe the author’s credentials speak for themselves. A “No name?” Come on! Shame on you. Just because you don’t agree with him is no reason to attack this man’s credentials or refer to him as a “no name”. And calling it “anti-Christian”? No one claimed the article was written by a Christan, did they? What, do you actually think his law degree is null and void as well as his professorship is bogus because within his article he does not mention what religion he practices?

      Muslums lie throught their teeth. Muslums are worse than the Moonies, worse than Jehovah Witness, worse than Scientology, worse than Mormans, worse than All the Cults put together!!! Be very carefull around muslums.

      We can say that about people within any group…including those who PROFESS Christianity! Liars and/or bad people are not “lumped together” within one region on earth, within one religion, or found all together within one race, etc etc.

      Anyone who cannot see this threat to the world, is lost. (not fearmongering………)

      Yes, it most certainly IS fear-mongering, if you really believe what you’ve written.

  5. I think fear mongering nut about sums it up. I’ve read a lot about the McCarthy era and am frankly appalled. The Right has never understood what Communism is or was. McCarthy was a megalomaniac out to destroy people and self-destructed in the process. He was wrong and silly me, I thought most people understood that. Then about ten years ago I realized that there were more people…not just my father who really thought McCarthy was correct.

    God preserve us from such people. Even though I’m no apologist for Islam, I would still feel the need to vocally protest such actions. The government is about coercion and violence…that’s all it can be. But for the ‘Church’ to support this and wed itself to it…no, that’s something we should speak out about and with great zeal.

    • Thank you for the comment and i agree, fear-mongering nut DOES sum it up!

      The practicing of McCarthyism has found new “life” in the age we’re living in today. Once again we have people,

      “making accusations of disloyalty, in many instances unsupported by proof or based on slight, doubtful, or irrelevant evidence……(or) making unfair allegations or using unfair investigative techniques, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism”

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