Are We Seeing Signs of the Close of the Age?

Or, my question is have signs of the end been around, in one way or another, for the last 2000 years? 

The Church in our time appears huge, but this is only in appearance. It is thousands of miles wide, but only a fraction of an inch deep. Much of what claims to be Christian is not and proves it by what is actually its focus and what (or who) it actually worships. The focus has its foundation in pragmatism and its worship is nothing more than self-aggrandizement. They give lip service to their own version of “Jesus” who bears little if any resemblance to the Jesus we read of in God’s Word. This counterfeit Christianity is the majority while the true Church, which is made up of those saved by grace through faith because of God’s election and effectual calling is the minority. This should not surprise us because the Word of God tells us that this will be case as this age comes to a close to make way for the age to come.

Article by Mike Ratliff can be continued here


2 comments on “Are We Seeing Signs of the Close of the Age?

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  2. Too bad I don’t read Greek , but thats my weakness and not the authors, with that said though , The author has a handle on the subject at hand , and I do appreciate the non preterist opinion on the passage cited. I consider myself reasonably young [tall side of fifty] , but the change in christendom from since I can recall is breathtaking, we are witnessing a great falling away from the faith, I don’t think that anyone can deny it.

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