Thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach and to lead astray my servants

The mention of Cindy Jacobs reminds me of Jesus’ words of warning to the Church at Thyatira,

`But I have against thee a few things: That thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach, and to lead astray, my servants to commit whoredom…’ (Revelation 2: 20 Young’s Literal Translation)

Her ludicrous statement’s and actions use to amuse me, after all, I thought, who in their right mind would give heed to anything this woman would ever say, but after realizing just how HUGE of a Christian following she has, I no longer found her amusing…just dangerous. Her latest has brought a few ‘not-so-nice’ words from one angry journalist at Addicting Info:


Cindy Jacobs is the sort of Christian who gives the ones who actually practice that faith a bad name…

In her latest installment of 10 Minute Prayer School (didn’t God say something about where to do this…?) she spoke about the “Leviathan spirit” and how to defeat it. This spirit, according to Jacobs, is responsible for a lot of bad things: divorce, family feuds, sibling rivalries, church splits, and even tribal wars….At any rate, this “Leviathan spirit” must be dealt with before it can be defeated. For some reason, Jacobs thinks that anyone with Native American blood is particularly susceptible to this spirit:

“If you have in your bloodline any animus [sic], any Native American blood, for instance — not all Native Americans worshiped the serpent or crocodile, many did — but you might want to renounce that and repent for the generational iniquity,” she explained. “If you are — perhaps you’re Mexican and you might have indigenous blood in you or Mayan blood, those who have Aztec blood in any way, you need to repent for the sin of animism before you begin to deal with this spirit.”

You first, Ms. Jacobs. You need to repent for the evil your ancestors brought upon mine. Repent for the smallpox-infested blankets. Repent for forcing my ancestors to leave their homelands, for the Trail of Tears. Repent for forcing my ancestors to live the way yours did, for stealing their children and wiping out their culture. Repent for sterilizing the women and killing the men. Repent for taking everything and giving us little bits of land for which we were expected to be oh, so grateful.

Until I get an apology from you for what your ancestors did to mine you can take your self-righteous attitude and your arrogant, condescending treatment of my people and stick it under your tastefully cut skirt. And while you’re at it, go drop a few Benjamins at the nearest Native casino – start to pay back just a little of what was taken. Repent? For throwing ourselves in the path of your bullets and broken treaties? No Ms. Jacobs, I think not. See to that log in your own eye.

See full article with video at: Arrogant ‘Christian’ Televangelist Tells Native Americans To ‘Repent For Their Ancestors’ 


4 comments on “Thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach and to lead astray my servants

  1. OH – and how do we explain the truth to the wiccan blogger? So alarming. I might give it a shot. Thanks for pointing this out. praying—-

  2. Yet another example of selective morality disguised as prophesy.

  3. Yeah but, yeah but, yeah but …it wasn’t my fault my ancestors did bad to yours!

    Well being Native American and also a citizen of the Heavenly Kingdom, while the Native American has a point to a degree with his rant against Mrs. Jacobs, who I’ve met several times personally, I have to admit two things. One, my Tribe owns a casino and at one time I was a Gaming Commissioner so I know firsthand the guy has it right when he says “you are paying us back” by dropping some hundred dollar bills at a Native American casino. The Native American casino system is scientifically and mathematically set so more money stays with the casino owners than those who drop benjamins in the slots hoping to win the big one! You have now been forewarned! 🙂

    And two, what God was doing by letting seafaring explorations that precipitated the discovery of the new world was, in my view, honoring both His Son and His Word so where Cindy gets her logic from might ironically be from the sources she supposes Native Americans are to be delivered from!

    God was in the days of Moses and in Jesus’ day and in all subsequent days just as Just and the Justifier of everyone He gives His Faith to by the same Grace so we may believe and receive the same justification and sanctification no matter from whose ancestry we come!

    Go figure!!

  4. This woman is an embarrassment, and what an utterly ridiculous notion to come out with. This idea that one has to repent for the sins of their ancestors is absurd, its non biblical , and yet it is being promulgated in many a church thesedays.

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