Tel Aviv: “Most gay-friendly city in the World”

A number of thoughts go through my mind at reading this article…number one, how do those who refuse to believe Israeli Jews need to be missionized wrap their strange theology around this article. And secondly, this quote,

(Finance Minister Yair) Lapid said he came to the parade to talk about “the rights of gay people to marry and adopt children,” adding that he was proud of the Israeli gay community and that the community should take pride in itself.

when compared to the fact that on the other hand in “every aspect of Israeli society, whether in terms of of educational provision, access to medical care, employment rights, or treatment under the judicial system, Israeli Arabs suffer systematic and institutional discrimination and racism”  So much so that “on Israeli birth certificates for Jewish children citizenship is given as Israeli”, but in the case of Arab babies born in Israel “this category is purposefully left blank”.  (Christian Zionism; Road-map to Armageddon – page 210)

How twisted is this folks? Members of the Israeli government will fight for the rights of gay people but…..

How do the Hal Lindsy’s and John Hagee’s of this world (and other die-hard Christian Zionist) explain this duality in light of their theology? How can they?

As usual, I’m left with no answers…


3 comments on “Tel Aviv: “Most gay-friendly city in the World”

  1. When the EF5 tornado ripped through Moore Oklahoma a few weeks ago a number of “christians” claimed it was God’s judgment due to some sort of gay pride proclamation in that state. I’m wondering where is the tornado or tsunami or earthquake for Tel Aviv? Do the Jewish people get a pass for this. Is it only America that God judges for sin?

  2. It continues to amaze me that the gay thing is widely condemned from believers who effervescently engage in all sorts of greed and hedonism. The pot and the kettle are quite the dancers.

  3. I’m wondering where is the tornado or tsunami or earthquake for Tel Aviv?

    If one did occur you can be certain these same Christians wouldn’t connect it with this parade but would find some way to connect it to how the US is “mistreating” Israel. It would be interesting to see how they’d tie it in though. Aha!

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