The Continuing Metamorphosis of the One Called Jesus…plus

Hope you’ll check out this article by Rick at Following Judah’s Lion

In my spiritual experience of almost forty years it has been gut wrenchingly sad to watch as Jesus the person and His message have been so changed and so altered in order to accommodate the fleshly desires of religious man. Some have made His gospel so bland and so inclusive that it has no meaning at all. Others have made many litmus tests which keep sinners at bay and make them run from God’s grace. And others have clothed Him with garments of red, white, and blue and paraded Him around like one of the signers of the Declaration. And still others have stored Him within the walls of some building used primarily on Sundays and then for all purposes leave Him there during the week. And there are others who claim that Jesus is on their side and they alone are His vocal servants. Yes, it has been oh so tragic. (continue reading here)

It has been tragic to observe how so many have changed the very character traits of our beloved Lord and warped his message. I read or hear these folks referring to Jesus and “crediting” him with statements and beliefs and stop and wonder “who is this person they’re referring to?” – Because they’re sure not referring to the Jesus I met 33 years ago and have come to know personally through his word.

After reading Rick’s post I came upon this other article at the Christian Post,

Christian Mega-Conference to Feature Tim Tebow, Duck Dynasty Stars, and Manly Pursuits 

A sellout crowd of more than 8,000 men are expected to attend a Christian-based event designed to appeal to their notions of fun, including listening to high-profile speakers such as NFL quarterback Tim Tebow and “Duck Dynasty” stars Willie and Jase Robertson, and participate in hobby-related workshops like “Paintball 101” and “Fly Fishing.”

“We know that men love to hunt, to fish, to do outdoor things,” said Michael Queen, director of events for Wildfire Weekend, in an interview with The Christian Post. “So that’s kind of the goal: We wanted to meet men where they were, and then draw them closer to the heart of God.” In addition to workshops focused on family and faith issues, there are a number of hobby-related workshops that conference attendees can participate in, including “Baseball Fundamentals,” “Leather Working,” “Paintball 101,” “Cleaning and Maintaining Your Firearm,” “Fly Fishing” and more.

“Every workshop that we provide at the event integrates God into it,” said Queen. “So you can go learn about engine building and how to talk to your son and your family or your buddy about God while you’re doing it.”  (more here)


8 comments on “The Continuing Metamorphosis of the One Called Jesus…plus

  1. This is the Duck Dynasty cruise and its costs.

    This is the John Wesley cruise and its costs.

    • O my…what a blessing it was Henry, to read about the Wesley cruise. And what a tragic difference between that and what we deluded Christians sadly today call a “Christian” cruise.

      A typical day was described by Wesley:

      From 4 AM to 5 AM they would give themselves to private prayer.
      From 5 AM to 7 AM they read the Scriptures out loud together, carefully, said Wesley, also reading the ancient teachings so they might avoid straying to their own understandings.
      From 7 AM to 8 AM they ate breakfast.
      From 8 AM to 9 AM they prayed together out loud.
      From 9 AM to 12 AM he learned German with the Moravians. During this time Charles Wesley taught the children (That’s right, children)
      From 12 AM to 1 PM they fellowshipped together about what God had done in their lives.
      From 1 PM to 2 PM they ate dinner.
      From 1 PM to 4 PM they discipled the one that had been put under their care.
      From 4 PM to 5 PM they prayed.
      From 5 PM to 6 PM they continued in prayer while the children were taught the general catechism. (Bring up a child…)
      From 6 PM to 7 PM Wesley read to a gathering of the English passengers.
      From 7 PM to 8 PM was the evening service.
      From 8 PM to 9 PM was a time of exhortation and Spiritual encouragement.

      And then Wesley writes “Between nine and ten we went to bed, where neither the roaring of the sea nor the motion of the ship could take away the refreshing sleep which God gave us”.

      Please folks, read at the two links provided by Henry.

  2. Rick’s posts are always so “right on the mark” is it really awesome. It seems that he is one of the few pastors out there that have a clear picture of the transformations going on all around us. It is oh so sad that a lot of very well meaning Christians are a major part of the problem in our world today because they just don’t seem to get it as to what is going on in their midst. In a nutshell, they are deceived. There is really no other term for it. They have been sucked in by all of the carnality clothed in religious garments that appears to present reality but is actually just a mirage. They just don’t seem to recognize that they are being “had”, not by flesh and blood, but by spiritual powers in high places.

    “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.” – 1 John 2.16

    This scripture basically outlines what everything outside of the heavenly city is made of. There is no way we can escape this world in this present life and God doesn’t intend for us to. But we are NOT to be a part of it, and, sadly, much of the church has concluded that the only way to “reach” people is not the preaching of the Gospel, but by becoming part of the carnality of this world in which God intends us to be but sojourners. In the process the church is becoming consumed in a never ending chain of worldly entanglements. The accumulation of fame, wealth and power has become the benchmark of spiritual success and the poor and downtrodden of this world have been successfully labeled as the cause of everything that is spiritually evil. Back in the days of Jim Bakker and Tammy Faye, all of this was a very “in your face” parody, and only the most gullible actually bought into it, but these days it has become much more subtle and much more camouflaged in religious jargon and proof texts ripped out of context and cut and pasted by experts at spiritual disinformation. History has been rewritten and, along with all of the above is presented via clever anonymous emails and shameless political campaigns in ways that seem able to successfully deceive even the elect. But, of course, the end is not yet. God in His mercy is still allowing time for repentance, and of course that is what we all would hope for. Thank God there is only one unforgivable sin and all the rest are covered by the blood of Christ. And many will make it through, as the scripture tells us:

    “If any man’s work shall be burned, he shall suffer loss: but he himself shall be saved; yet so as by fire.” – 1 Cor 3.15

    I am so thankful that we have a merciful God who does not judge us by our works, but rather by His. And He has conquered death for all mankind if we only receive it. Come quickly Lord Jesus!

    • There is no way we can escape this world in this present life and God doesn’t intend for us to. But we are NOT to be a part of it, and, sadly, much of the church has concluded that the only way to “reach” people is not the preaching of the Gospel, but by becoming part of the carnality of this world in which God intends us to be but sojourners.

      Amen George.

      The one statement i quoted from your comment brought back the memory of one Sunday years ago, at a church i attended briefly. The church was a ‘new’ ministry and being one block from my home, it was close enough to walk to, so i decided to check it out. I liked the young pastor, for he seemed to have a deep concern for the lost….especially a desire to develop an out-reach in the neighborhood. One Sunday he surprised us by introducing a friend of his who pastored one of the largest non-denominational Churches in England, who was in the States to meet with other pastors. He too was young, full of zeal, etc. When he got up to speak, his topic was on how to reach out to the lost. I’ll never forget what he said…that to get the lost “into” the Church we had to be willing to allow the world in. Even through becoming more open to worldly entertainment or activities. I sat there stunned, saying to myself, no no no…you are wrong.

      As he continued to speak, and i kid you not, he became so focused on looking at me that it was weird. In this Church of perhaps 100-150 people, it was as though he was speaking “to me” only! After service ended even my daughter-in-law, sitting elsewhere, commented on how he kept staring at me as he spoke about how to grow our Church, reaching the lost, and bringing the world into the Church in order to “win” the world. I recall telling her “well., he was wrong in what he said, and something was telling him that i wasn’t buying it one bit!”.

      Aha! Don’t know why your comment brought that back George, but it did. Perhaps it was because i had never heard a pastor actually come right out and say it! But it was wrong then, and it’s still wrong today: We’ll never make a difference in this world by becoming “like” the world.

  3. I’m baffled by the obsession with conferences for everything! I guess it makes sense when profit is a motivation. I guess we’re living in an age where the fear of social awkwardness pays the bills for those who make markets out of people. Learn how to be a “Man” in our easy 3 step workshops.

    It’s really a sign of the times where men have to be “Men” and actually have to learn what that means. It’s the pendulum swing. On one hand there are those trying to prove that all gender is artificial and constructed, then we have these folks who think they have to throw up walls around so-called “manly or girly” things.

    Both are blind, but one is the more damnable for pasting Jesus on it. The difference is between idiocy and treason.

    So much insecurity baptized as Christian. I suppose one ought to just ignore it and let it pass on. And personally, I like it when I meet a girl who knows how to play sports, and would want to fish or play paintball. How any of that has to do with “being a man” is beyond me.


    PS. Also one can see the obsession with guns is present as well!

    • Cal the whole “conference” thing has always baffled me to. While i’ve never attended even one in 33 years i do know there are Christians who spend time and money traveling to one conference after another, year after year. They remind me of those spoken of in 2 Timothy 3:7

      Ever learning, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth

  4. I love the Lord, but I don’t trust the “church” anymore. The pastors I know are wrapped up in following certain church leaders and skipping discernment entirely. I just don’t know
    one I can trust at this point in my life.

    • Amen. When i found myself in the same position Louise, a few years back, it both frightened and depressed me. Since then, the truth that Jesus is the same, yesterday, today, and forever and that his word will never change, has been the only thing i trust 100%.

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