Texas Becomes Battleground For Abortion, Voting Rights And Capital Punishment

While national political observers talk about shifting demographics and political dynamics that are slowly pushing Texas closer to tossup territory, Republicans at the state level are using their waning moments of dominance to drive the state further in an arch-conservative direction.

In the span of hours, the state made headlines by executing its 500th person since reinstating the death penalty in 1982, calling a second special legislative session when the first failed to successfully subvert Senate rules, and pushing forward with a racially discriminatory voting law that would be illegal were it not for five conservatives on the Supreme Court who gutted the Voting Rights Act.

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I use to dream of some day taking a vacation in Texas. But over the last few years I changed my mind; there must be something in the water ‘down there’, cause it sure has more then it’s share of controversy and nuts.


9 comments on “Texas Becomes Battleground For Abortion, Voting Rights And Capital Punishment

  1. OK I tried to resist but I am compelled to respond to this horribly slanted article about my home state. There are three different issues here and none of them are unreasonable.

    First the woman who was executed was found guilty of murdering her elderly neighbor in 1997. She fatally stabbed the woman with a butcher’s knife and beat her with a candelabra, then cut off her finger to take her wedding ring. After this gruesome murder she drove directly to a pawn shop where she obtained money to buy drugs. The woman’s guilt has never been seriously disputed.

    If you do not support capital punishment, that’s fine but the people of Texas have consistently and overwhelmingly voiced their approval of execution for these types of crimes and the will of the people should be respected.

    The abortion bill was about adding reasonable safety requirements for abortion clinics. First it banned abortions after 20 weeks, a provision already in place in many other states. Secondly it required abortion clinics to be certified as class 1 surgery centers. This was done to prevent the horrors of a Kermit Gosnell type operation. Critics claimed this would force many abortion mills to close. No, it would simply have forced them to upgrade their facilities if they wanted to continue doing abortions. Finally the bill required abortion doctors to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of their practice. Controversial, yes, but not unreasonable when you consider the serious nature of abortion.

    Wendy Davis has become a national hero with abortion lovers because of her “heroic” filibuster that supposedly stopped the bill before the time limit expired. The truth is it was an angry mob that filled the capitol and shouted down lawmakers thus preventing communication on the floor. This is the sort of thing we see in banana republics. It was not the voice of the people it was the voice of mob rule. It was a shameful display of raw power from people who oppose any and all restrictions on abortion. Is this how we’re going to decide things in America now – by who can assemble the largest mob to intimidate lawmakers? Sad day for Texas and a sad day for America.

    Finally the voting rights act is a relic of the 60’s and the Supreme Court only struck down a portion of it. No one is talking about going back to poll taxes or literacy tests to keep minorities from voting. The section of the law struck down only applied to 5 states, one of them being Texas. It required these 5 states to get approval from the Justice Dept. before making any change that could affect voters. In my view the whole thing was unconstitutional from the beginning because it violated the equal protection clause. In any case the Justice department has required Texas to jump through all sorts of hoops for redistricting and other issues that in 45 other states cases are rightly left to the local assemblies to decide.

    The notion of shifting demographics and Texas becoming a “toss up state” is a liberal pipe dream. This is and will continue to be a conservative state for the foreseeable future. Those who think otherwise are living in a fantasy world

    • Steve, i still get the impression there’s something in the water people down there are drinking…present company excluded. 🙂

      Of course im teasing for im sure there are many fine people who live in Texas, but it’s hard not to notice the cries for secession from many of the politicians (especially over the past 5 years), or the likes of those who hold similar views like those of David Barton. And God forbid we leave out John Hagee. ahahaha…

      To many observers living outside the State, many of the politicos inside Texas give the appearance they truly would welcome seceding and allowing the State to be an independent country!

      What i believe the article i linked to was pointing out, and of course i could be wrong, was that the ultra-conservative politicians were trying to push through last minute legislation while they still had time.

      The notion of shifting demographics and Texas becoming a “toss up state” is a liberal pipe dream. This is and will continue to be a conservative state for the foreseeable future.

      Well, we never know what the next 10 years might bring Steve, in any State. Guess it would depend upon who the next generation is made up of…wouldn’t you think?

  2. Liberal or conservative all fifty states are fallen and filled with self absorbed and self seeking sinners. They are all fighting the fallen wars of men and are ignorant of the coming judgment of God. One thing all states have in common. They all are nothing but acreages of dirt drawn by imaginary lines which will one day all burn. But the people who now live there will spend eternity in one of only two places.

  3. “What i believe the article i linked to was pointing out, and of course i could be wrong, was that the ultra-conservative politicians were trying to push through last minute legislation while they still had time.”

    PJ – the only time limit in play was this – the Texas legislature meets every other year for 140 calendar days. That is the limit set by law. The time for this particular legislative session ended at midnight on the 26th. The “ultra conservative” politicians ( who were overwhelmingly elected by popular vote) were not trying to pass legislation before they were defeated at the polls. Gov Perry has now called for a special session beginning July 1 during which time this abortion bill will be passed.

  4. Though I now consider an emphasis on politics in Christian churches to settle what are really spiritual problems to be sin, causing an insipid patriotism that minimizes the importance of Christian truth in favor of a false ecumenism even with non-Christian religious cults (see Mitt Romney, probably one of the biggest pathological liars I’ve ever seen, and thank God we dodged his bullet), for our Kingdom is not of this world; yet I cannot help but to agree with my fellow Texan Steve Lumbley. This article is horribly slanted, and I support the leaders in my state in their efforts to curb abortion, and I do not have the least bit of concern about the death penalty for such horrible crimes as Steve described, all of which does indeed reflect the will of the people in our home state.

  5. I was hoping you wouldn’t remember me, so I wouldn’t have to explain myself. But since you do, I figure I’d better tell you that I repent of my previous behavior. You were quite correct on the vast majority of issues (though I think you’re too hard on Texas here, obviously). I was too involved in a political form of Christianity to see it, since I had heard the Gospel (indirectly) in the first place by someone who was all for it (politics, that is, not the Gospel). I had concluded from that experience that it was no problem, then, to use politics as a vehicle for Christianity. And I falsely assumed that all these “leaders” on the Right were true Christians, which therefore led to many more assumptions based on that belief. I didn’t realize how much of a fraud it all was until Mitt Romney, and watching all those “Christian leaders” who had decried Mormonism just a day previously, then huddled all together with him apologizing for the LDS when it became clear that their favored candidate wasn’t going to make it. Not to mention Romney was obviously such a fraud.I also saw, first hand, many lies told, and also realized that their trust was in the political process and in a false love of country, instead of to Jesus Christ.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a leftist now all of a sudden. I simply don’t believe that there is some ideology or political leader that is suddenly going to turn the world Christian, or even make the slightest bit of difference to the Kingdom of God. Spiritual problems must be met with spiritual answers.

    Anyway, if this rant goes to moderation, please do not approve it. It was just for you, anyway. I apologize again for my previous rudeness or anything else I may have said or done, which I’d rather not remember.

    • Ricardo, thank you for permitting me to go ahead and approve this comment. 🙂

      As i said in my note asking for permission, i really felt others ( or some one specifically) needed to read it as a testimony to how God gave you light on this topic…for i know there are a few folks who still post here who remember you from a few years back…and how strongly you believed in political Christianity.

      But i’ll leave you to address this, ok?

      I cannot end this though before saying how overjoyed i was to read this above. Even though you stopped posting here at the blog, you never completely left my thoughts or prayers Ricardo.

      Praise God and God bless you little brother…

  6. God bless you also, sister!

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