The Heartless, Soulless Church

I encourage you to read Rick’s latest post,

A 17 year old teenager lay dead from a bullet to his chest. Just moments ago he had been walking home from the convenience store and now he was gone. And almost before his body was cold the conversation began around the nation. Stand your ground, self defense, justifiable homicide, and law And order were mixed in with many of the discussions. The sides were drawn, and many took up their position on both sides. And, yes, somewhere in all the verbiage and excusing and accusing was the funeral pyre that signaled the death of the Christian church.

….The most compassionate thing most believers could say was that this “case” was a “tragedy”. How self serving and tepid. As we go about our own business we throw a few verbal morsels out in order to reveal a level of compassion and insulate ourselves from judgment? Yes, that is the best we can muster these days.

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2 comments on “The Heartless, Soulless Church

  1. Thanks for this post. It speaks so much truth.

    Rick Frueh’s comment speaks even more truth: “I do see that my posts provide a forum for your comment/Bible study, but you have once again missed the spirit of my post.”

    The comment/Bible study he speaks about is SO common, I won’t even read most comments anymore. There’s an old cliched quote I’ve heard MANY times in my life that says: “opinions are like a*^\\”>@$, everybody has one”

    People love throwing out scripture quotes like they are opinions. It makes me very sad.

    Sadder still are the number of people sitting in the church pews who don’t realize they are goats. May God have mercy on their souls.

  2. Yes, everyone has an opinion or a comment but what do we use to test our opinions or comments, is it not the Word? Are we not called to test all things? Are we seeking edification, correction, encouragement?
    There is only One Lord, one faith, one baptism, one Spirit.
    But there are people following a different Lord and another gospel.
    Yes, there are many who are not regenerated sitting in the pews but are following another Jesus and another gospel and doctrines of men and motivating people to “DO” for the Lord all in the Name of the Lord.
    One who is called to teach the Word has to be open-minded in that when approached regarding a teaching he is open to correction if wrong.
    Thankful my Lord does not rate us by a thumbs up or a thumbs down but a correction from His Word ministering through His Spirit.

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