Just a thought…

Have to agree with Sherman, watching what is occurring in Egypt, “war is hell.” Egypt is undergoing changes which may in fact continue for some time, before the country settles down.

Reading the latest news out of Egypt, I could not help but think about America’s Revolutionary war and how it too would have been perceived if there had been TV, the Internet and Twitter. Can you imagine it? Updates every minute of every hour, all broadcast around the world on millions of websites…”tweeters” Twittering non-stop for the eight years the Revolutionary War was going on and in which time 25,000 died fighting …Wow! Its mind-boggling.  Or how bout the American Civil war? Four years and 625,000 dead….

just a thought…


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  1. I suspect that the end result of this will be that Egypt will likely go even further into Russia’s orbit, as Putin is offering his military assistance to the Egyptian military in their “time of need” for lack of a better phrase.

    It’s a double game that Russia plays in the Middle East, a thing which Anatoliy Golitsyn would have called a “scissors strategy” in his book about KGB methods. All of the wildest conspiracies of the United States seem to literally be fulfilled in Russia, and I think it is no coincidence that a lot of the wildest conspiracies are, in fact, pushed by Russian media or their useful idiots in the west. Alex Jones, I have been able to prove by comparing news stories, literally gets a lot of his information straight from known government agents writing in the Moscow Times or other places. (More on this in a bit).

    I was reminded of a little factoid when the brother of Ayman Al’ Zawahiri (I might have the name wrong), the current leader of Al-qaeda, I think named Muhammad Al’Zawahiri, was killed in Egypt recently. He had been in Egypt supporting the Muslim Brotherhood, and I have read comments from Egyptians calling the Muslim Brotherhood over there a “branch of Al-Qaeda.” Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian dissident who was poisoned by Polonium 210 over in the UK awhile back, alleged that Ayman had been given professional training at an FSB base before being sent to presumably infiltrate Al’Qaeda. Over the course of time and due to help from the Russian government, he was eventually able to raise himself to the second in command of that organization. Now he’s number one, with the death of Osama.

    You would be surprised how many terrorists throughout the world have had some connection or training from the KGB or FSB. I recall some other dissident or defector claim that Moscow was the “heart of Terrorism” throughout the world, and their reach into the world and their manipulations is more deep and insidious than most people realize. Take for instance that spy-ring that was broken up awhile back. I took the time to read the released FBI files on those people (a lot of it redacted though) so I could get some sense as to their purpose. The red-head got the most attention since she was the prettiest, but it was the Spanish woman and her husband whom I found to be most interesting. She was a journalist working in a paper based either in New York or Washington. They seemed to have been used to carry money around to different people, getting 80K at a time and travelling frequently, and to gain favor from individuals in the U.S. government or media. Their purpose was to influence, not just to get information. But most interesting of all was in the type of news stories she would publish, which primarily consisted of supporting FARC (or claiming FARC was run by the U.S., though I can’t remember which) or blaming the United States for terrorism around the world and other criminal activity. So why would the Russian government have someone on the payroll who pushed such kinds of claims? After her removal and expulsion to Russia, she evidently got a job quickly working for the Moscow Times, where she continues to publish the same rubbish.

    This whole saga of research started back when Alex Jones, that favorite conspiracy monger that Matt Drudge likes to link to, and who has personal chats with Rand Paul and other such folks, was accusing the United States of destabilizing the honest election processes of Russia, which is a complete joke to anyone who seriously knows anything about what goes on in a Russian “election.” Jones accused the United States of paying unknown amounts of money to their “agents” in, I think the organization’s name was, Democracy Now!. (But I’m going by memory and I could be wrong). And so allegedly the U.S. was using that group of spies to give false information about the election situation in Russia, thus tarnishing the good name of the lovable and honest Vladimir Putin.

    It was here that I was able to trace Jones’ claims to the Moscow Times, and to that Spanish woman (whose name I forgot). While it was true the U.S. Congress had granted money to freedom organizations in Russia (indeed, in almost every country), the actual amount of money that would have gone to Democracy Now! might have paid their rent for a month or two. If divided amongst each member individually, they would still be left in poverty without other funds. Whereas the woman who made these claims not only was a known agent of Moscow, but had been receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Russian government for unknown “work.” Thus, if the United States was really guilty of formenting sedition, then they pay very poorly as compared to their Russian counterparts.

    I suspect then that Russia will gain the upper hand somehow in these events and will succeed in making Egypt a closer ally to their cause, thus limiting the influence the United States has in the Middle East even further.

    • Think i’m getting your point Ricardo…its the super powers, in a sense, behind the scenes pulling the strings.

  2. My post was a rambling mess I think, having just now reread it. But yes, one should understand that not everything is what it appears to be, and should always interpret any event that goes on in the world within a larger context of Russia and its allies and the United States and its allies. The benefit Russia gets out of a destabilized Middle East is primarily financial, though anything that hurts its rivals (us) is a plus as well. I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Russia has used oil and natural gas as a weapon against its enemies in the past, such as against the Ukraine or one of their other neighbors when they cut off supplies during the winter. Russia is also a major exporter of oil, and that was one of the reasons why Russia was so keen on invading Georgia, since they have an oil pipeline that passes through their territory (at least, that was the speculation I heard). Whenever the price of oil goes up in the middle east, the Russians make a lot of money.

    That’s why I was quite struck today when I heard about the Russians offering military cooperation to Egypt during this mess, as it struck me that the Egyptians had also been increasingly dismissive of the United States. I believe they’ve ignored calls from Obama and Biden. It struck me that however this ends, that we’ll be losing a friend in the middle East, and Russia will be gaining one. Of course, that’s not to make the civil war going on there of no matter. It’s just disturbing to see Russia sticking its nose in on top of all this carnage.

    Russia is the same country, keep in mind, that throws Journalists out of windows still, or murders people in their driveway, or who have alleged to have even been involved in assassination attempts (not all unsuccessful) of the leaders from neighboring countries. I think it was the Ukrainian president (he might be former now) who had gotten disfigured by poison, and the Russians were not even hiding the fact that they supported his opponents and were actively interfering in their politics. The Polish President also died over Russian territory when his plane crashed, but the Russians wouldn’t release the black box about the incident right away, and locals around the plane crash claimed they heard gun shots. It was confirmed, however, that the Russians had stolen important NATO communication codes from the corpse of a general who was on the plane.

    This is not the behavior of a country that is peaceful or has good intentions for the countries around it.

    On top of that, hearing about all the religious laws the Russians are pushing through, and the nationalist language of its Priests and Politicians, not to mention the fawning lately from conservatives for that country, makes me really worry about the future.

    • one should understand that not everything is what it appears to be, and should always interpret any event that goes on in the world within a larger context of Russia and its allies and the United States and its allies.

      Yes i agree. That’s how i understood your comment.

      And its not a mess! 🙂

  3. Ricardo:

    Thanks for a lot of the info you provided. If you’ve got any links to some of these accounts (especially over the death of President Tusk) I’d appreciate it.

    Of course, it should be noted that Russia is only trying to recuperate from the major losses she suffered in what was essentially a heist during the Yeltsin years. Be it the eagle, the bear, or the dragon, all these empires are trying to out play the others in a bid for power. In a detached sort of way, it will be interesting to see what happens in the next decade in the Middle East. If you’re right, Russia has made a gamble to back the military ousting of the elected Morsi. Maybe that’s the counter-maneuver to secure a friend since Assad seems to be sinking. Or a double-game where a secure, military-secular rulership of Egypt will back up the slowly collapsing situation in Syria and win it all, securing the first real foothold since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

    I wonder how much the old “3rd Rome” dreams of Moscow are driving these policies. I’m sure there are a few Imperial romanticists in the cadre of ministers and government agents who are in it for the money and the power.

    A recommendation to you PJ, and anyone else, read “The Great Game” by Peter Hopkirk. It’s a well written history and really helps understand modern events through the lens of the past.

    • Hey, thanks cal! I looked and found it offered at amazon, plus there is a kindle version available for download.

      The Great Game

    • Here is a link to Alexander Litvinenko’s book “Blowing up Russia,” wherein he alleges that the FSB was involved in terror strikes on its own country in order to instigate war with Chechnya, as well as their recruitment of Ayman Al’Zawahiri and Muhammad Atta. http://www.amazon.com/Blowing-Up-Russia-Secret-Terror/dp/1594032017/ref=pd_sim_sbs_b_1

      An interview with Pavel Stroilov, a friend of Litvenenko. http://archive.frontpagemag.com/readArticle.aspx?ARTID=29472

      He says, “These and other facts of FSB involvement in international terrorism, revealed by Alexander, have tremendous implications. Contrary to the view of many in the US, Russia is anything but a reliable ally of yours in the ‘war on terror’. The Kremlin is playing a treacherous double game: while enjoying the West’s support as ally, it secretly supports and manipulates the Al Qaeda through FSB agents of influence. As Alexander writes: “It is possible to destroy the whole international terrorism tomorrow, along with Russian Mafia. All you need to do is disband the Russian special services.”

      Alexander wasn’t the only one to make such allegations, though unfortunately he wasn’t the only one to also face the heavy hand of Moscow either. For example, the human rights activist and former FSB Mikhail Trepashkin, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Trepashkin

      He was conveniently charged with arms possession and spent a number of years in prison. This is actually pretty common to happen to you if you’re a Journalist or other individual saying inconvenient things about Putin.

      A link on the poisoning of Viktor Yushchenko back during the Orange Revolution in the Ukraine:


      From the article:

      “Yushchenko and his supporters believe that former members of the KGB, the notorious Soviet intelligence agency infamous for its secret plots to wipe out political enemies, may be responsible for the attempt on his life.
      Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin supported Yushchenko’s opponent during the election and Putin critics claim poisoning, a common practice during the Soviet era, has returned since the ex-KGB officer took office… “The list is rather long, and since Putin assumed power in Russia, poisoning has been one of the preferred political tools used by the Kremlin,” Pavel Felgenhauer, a Russian military analyst, told the Associated Press.”

      The Russian press, controlled by the Kremlin, claimed that the poisoning was either a fabrication or that Viktor did it himself.

      Tusk is still alive as far as I know and is in better graces with Russia than his predecessor. The plane crash took the life of Lech Kaczynski and about 95 others. Here is a link about the theft of NATO codes from their corpses.


      The Polish government at the time denied that any NATO codes were lost, but I saw an article within the past year either in Forbes or Stratfor that spoke of it as a fact that was annoying to NATO. Though I wasn’t able to find the article again.

      Here is an alleged video, with some zooms and translations, of the plane crash depicting people shouting “give me the gun!” and “don’t kill us!” followed up with shooting, along with zoomed in shots of survivors seen, though I find those parts too blurry to be conclusive. The Russians also poo pooed the video, saying it was digitally manipulated by groups either in the Ukraine or Georgia. Not exactly enough to prove that Lech and his men were assassinated, but certainly combined with all the other irregularities, such as Russia’s refusal to give back the black box, insisting instead to give them a recording of the data (that was longer than it should have been, lacked a transcript signature, amongst other things). The official position of the current Polish government was that it was an accident, though opinions on what happened are still pretty split on party lines in that country, with suspicion abounding.

      As for the death of Journalists I originally mentioned, the number of Journalists either killed or otherwise persecuted in Russia is rather famous.

  4. Thanks for all this. I’m going to dig through all of this. Also you’re right, I got my names mixed up, Tusk is the Prime Minister, not the President of Poland.

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