False Prophetess Cindy Jacobs Explains How to ‘Lay Siege to a City’

Lord help me…I’m still laughing ten minutes after reading this nonsense. A few of the commenter’s called her out on her misuse of scripture…one especially which pointed out the verses she used (Ezekiel 4) are not a plan for how to take a city for God but, (quote) “what was going to happen to Jerusalem, when God sent an army against it”.

As another commenter wrote in response to this being pointed out,

“Context is way overrated, who cares about what God meant to communicate originally? Isn’t it more fun to just make up our own meaning, use our imagination and see prophetic truths that were never intended to be there in the first place and that contradict the meaning of the passage? You sir are no fun”

Aha! Indeed…

Cindy Jacobs “plan” can be found at Charisma: How to Prophetically Lay Siege to a City

On a serious note, I was happy to see someone posted a warning about this being dominion theology.


3 comments on “False Prophetess Cindy Jacobs Explains How to ‘Lay Siege to a City’

  1. How to lay siege to people’s pocketbooks.

  2. What saddens me is not only does Cindy believe this others believe not only this stuff too (that this is true spiritual warfare) they believe Cindy and that she speaks for God!

    What brings me joy is God’s Word is being believed! I get a sense of this that there is in these present days a rise in or increase of True Faith occurring around the world among the Elect of God by the power in His Word and Name! God is not bound by our ways. We are bound by His! Not one of His Words will fail!!!

    I will tell you a story about using a map and praying and fasting for the place the map reflects. I was invited to minister in Chiba-ken, Japan and to a lively church group of Japanese, mostly young adults. I spent 18 days there on that trip. We set up a little puppet booth and did skits at a busy area by the foot path intersection of that train station. Literally one hundred thousand Japanese plus or minus pass this area daily on weekdays and more on weekends.

    On the first day of this kind of evangelism no one stopped and no one took our flyer. That evening we grouped up to assess the day and pray for these people. The next morning we were there set up and doing our little puppet skits again and then preach. I think one person stopped and watched one skit but refused to accept the flyer. We grouped that evening to assess that day but you could sense a little doubt. We spent some more time in prayer for the people that would pass by the next day.

    We again were there the next morning setup and doing our puppet skits, handing out flyers but no was accepting them. We preached again but only two or three stopped to listen. That evening we got together to discuss the day. This night I asked if anyone had a street map of that train station and the surrounding areas? One of the Americans did. So I asked if it could be copied immediately? Yes it could be because they had a copy machine available to them to use! I had copies made, one for each table. There were several tables in this room because during the day the American missionaries used it as a classroom tutoring Japanese in reading, writing and speaking English.

    I asked that we fast dinner that night and the next day. I then asked that we gather around the tables in small groups and one or two pray for this area reflected on the map laying their hands on it when praying. There was no one prayer that everyone followed. All I asked was that someone or as many that wanted to pray to pray at the table they were sitting at. We spent a little time doing this then I did a Bible study then opened the floor up for anyone to offer prayers then afterwards I would close in a final prayer before ending for the night. You could sense more doubt and discouragement as disappointment was settling upon hearts because of the non-responsiveness of the people at the train station.

    The next morning we got there at the same place and set up and started our skits and this time a few more people stopped and listened to the puppet skits and even more people took flyers from us as they hurried by to catch the trains. That morning I preached again the same simple Gospel and this time a few people stopped and listened and accepted the flyer!

    That night the group decided they wanted to continue fasting! They also wanted to pray in groups like the night before laying hands on that map we set on each table. This night the prayers had more fire in them and more than one or two wanted to pray at each table. There was energy in the air! The group prayer time had more excited prayers prayed and after that time was over no one wanted to leave. People stayed longer that night.

    The next morning as we got to the train station we noticed people already standing around waiting for us! We set up and did our skits but this time twenty or thirty people stopped and stood there listening! Some of these people came up and asked for a flyer and actually talked to these Japanese Christians in our group!!

    Wow, you can imagine how the evening meeting went! Thank God they didn’t want to continue the fasting! :)!!!

    Prayer time came and the map was put on each table again and prayers that night were a bit louder and more earnest with zeal.

    The next day I just wanted to stay back and let whoever wanted to preach after the puppet skits were done. At this train station there are high rise apartments some twenty and thirty stories high all around. Most train stations are the same. I stood back to see forty, fifty and more at a time standing watching the skits but also when the preaching started I looked up and was amazed to see people on their balconies standing looking and listening to the Word of God being preached!!!

    This thing grew over the next few days so that maybe a thousand or two thousand people or more could be seen standing watching and listening to the puppet skits and more people at their balconies during the time the Gospel was preached! I would up and see people on their balcony looking down and watching and listening.

    Now can I say for sure it was because of that idea I had to get a street map of that area around that train station then fast and pray over the area while laying hands on the maps? Maybe that was what broke this thing open? Maybe not?? I thought it might have been the fact that we kept at it faithfully morning by morning setting up our puppet booth and handing out flyers and preaching and people warmed up to us.

    Don’t know and don’t care beyond that experience. I haven’t done evangelism that way again. Hadn’t even thought to do it that way again even though I’ve done more street evangelism and street preaching.

    That’s my mapping story and I’m sticking to it! You might try it and if it works for you great!

    By the way when I left after that time there there were a number of new converts added to this little church there in Chiba-ken, Japan. I visited it a couple more time the following few years and it settled down and stayed consistent in the Word but didn’t grow much or do any more evangelism like that. That evangelism was an “american” thing the missionaries brought there. When the church was on its own Japanese feet they did things differently!

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