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I was reading Mike Ratliff’s post, What is the Spirit of the Antichrist?, in which he writes about William Tyndale’s New Testament translation.

If you are at all familiar with Eschatology and the many different views on the end times then you have undoubtedly read or heard of a man who is referred to as the antichrist. However, you may be surprised to learn that the word “antichrist” is found in the Bible only in John’s epistles of 1st John and 2nd John. The study of this person or persons is not the intent of this article. I have no doubt that in God’s timing the final Antichrist will be revealed, but for now I would like to look at the attributes that we should understand are of the spirit of the antichrist.

William Tyndale, in 1526, was the first to translate the Greek New Testament into English. He had to flee England to finish his work in Germany and the Low Countries of The Netherlands and Belgium. He was constantly in hiding while working on getting as many copies of the English Bible shipped across the English Channel to eager believers as was physically possible. Why was he having to run and hide? The Greek New Testament revealed that the Latin Bible of the Roman Catholic Church, The Latin Vulgate, contained many gross errors….

Tyndale was a very well educated English Priest. He had attended Oxford from the age of 12 graduating with a Doctorate at the age of 20. He was fluent in eight languages. He linguistic talents enabled him to read Greek, Latin, and Hebrew then write in English in such a way that even the simplest of his readers could understand it and be edified. That was his driving force, to get the Bible into everyone’s hands that could read. This was in direct opposition to the policies of the English Bishops and priests who wanted to keep access to the scriptures as limited as possible so they could keep control for themselves. They passed laws or rules specifying that only the Latin Bible was permissible. Anyone caught with a Bible or even a portion of scripture in English was subject to arrest, torture and execution. And, of course, they burned every copy of Tyndale’s Bibles they could find and often the people that possessed them, alive.  (more at the above link)

Has anyone here ever studied the Tyndale translation? I haven’t.  Anyway, it is offered for purchase at places like Amazon, etc, but I also located a free version online for anyone interested.

Tyndale 1526 New Testament English Translation

I’m fairly sure certain Bible translation websites “might” include the Tyndale translation among their listed versions (though I didn’t find it among those I use) but someone still may be interested in having this link which only offers Tyndales for reading or study.

Sorry if it appears Mike’s excellent post was ignored. Its excellent, as always, so hope you’ll check it out also.


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  1. After Tyndale’s murder, his translation was actually used for multiple Bible translations that followed, including the King James version. According to Wikipedia, the KJV is “83% Tyndale’s, and the Old Testament 76%.”

  2. The only “translation” that is accurate is the Holy Spirit’s. All the rest are forms of idolatry unless you are versed in Greek.

    • Unfortunately I didn’t benefit from a Renaissance education and thus mastered Greek by the time I was 11 (like John Gill), so I guess I’m stuck being an idolater till I sort that out.

  3. Thanks for the link to the Tyndale Bible. I now have it along with about 28+ translations I reference when necessary!

    To Mike’s article I’m glad for it that you published it as it confirms and underscores my own convictions about this “behind the scenes” anti-Christ spirit actively at work in the nations and how he works upon weak flesh.

    I watched a program on frontline or another investigative series some years ago on the public access channel PBS about thieves breaking into truck trailers after the truck broke down and the driver pulled the rig off the interstate parking it. The drivers would pull their rigs off the interstate and find a place to park near these on and off ramps then call for assistance. Because most on and off ramps were right by housing developments there would be people all around. This was before cell phones so the drivers would walk to a pay phone to call in the breakdown. It during this period of time that the thiefths occurred. The trucker would come back to find the trailer doors opened and the contents gone, sometimes all of it if the contents were easily carried off by hand.

    The law enforcement started sting operations after numerous reports all across the nation of thieves breaking into the trailers and stealing the contents.

    The sting operations were working. They were catching the thieves red-handed everytime. They set up video recorders inside the trailers and because it was staged they had other cameras also strategically placed so the law could see all sides of the truck and trailer to do immediate surveillance. What I found remarkable about these incidents is everyone of the thieves had the same reaction and showed an identical personality no matter where the sting was conducted. Whether alongside a New York interstate or down in Tampa Florida or Kansas City, Bolder Colorado, Seattle Washington or Oregon or California. You could see this spiritual personality working through the thieves. That program convinced me of the spiritual influence at work upon these thieves. Young or old, large or small, short or tall, the thief’s response was always the same!

    We live in a fallen world filled with demon oppression and certain types of weaknesses attract a certain type of spirit influence upon the fallen human nature. Demons have personality just like mankind. Of course the five big personalities are the beast, the false prophet, Satan, Death and Hades. Scripture indicates we live in a world system that is organized and led by the Devil who Jesus did not dispute his claim to the world when he offered Him all the kingdoms of this world. In fact Jesus Himself, Scripture records, refers to the Devil as the god of this world system.

    The anti-Christ spirit maybe Satan himself? Who knows besides God and the Elect Angels? All I know is there is a unique sense and a familiar spirit that manifests in all major cities I’ve been too around the world. It is an anti Christ spirit that reacts against Christ when He is lifted up publicly. Also I’ve noticed a similar response by people young and old that is positive when the Spirit of Grace and Truth is at work on their life when I’m or others are sharing the Gospel publicly.

    We don’t war against flesh and blood but against these spiritual forces of wickedness actively at work in the world.

  4. The historic church has pretty much settled on the various incarnations of the KJV as the English language preferred translation and I think that remains a pretty good choice. But beyond that, correctly understanding the word of God is deeply rooted in following the guidance of the historic church and reading it with deep insight into its historic and textual context. Through all of these mediums the Holy Spirit works to bring understanding to the believer. God gifted people to be teachers in His Church, but we live in a time when the teaching of the church is scorned and each one comes up with his own ideas as to what the scriptures teach. The result is confusion and division. The Reformation transpired because of the pervasive and extreme corruption that compromised the Church of Rome and everything it touched. But the Catholic Church, with its questionable Vulgate and fixation on the Latin language, is only one of multiple historic churches whose founding is traced all the way back to the original 12 apostles. Thus the justified trashing of the Vulgate should not be understood as a license for Christians to seek to understand the scriptures outside of the context of the church. All too many Christians today are doing just that and are basing much of what they understand from scripture by trying to figure out how it relates to what they are reading in the daily newspaper. In other words they seek to understand scripture by trying to harmonize it with their surrounding culture, current events, and their own emotional perceptions about life. The resulting interpretations are very subjective, misleading, and often lack any iota of substance or edification.

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