Assembly’s of God Uniting with Mormons?

Guess you could say it’s so after reading this latest story.

From Truth with Snares

I did not expect to wake up to this wacky news brought to me by my friends at Stand Up For The Truth….

Assembly of God CEO forms ties of faith with Church of LDS

“”God is playing a role in all religions and that Christians are more united than they sometimes think.” ~ George O. Wood, Assembly of God’s CEO”

“The question is, united around what? Around which God? The eternal Christ that Christians worship, or the created being whose brother is Lucifer?””

No you are not “being punked,” here are two separate links with Mormon/LDS Brigham Young University itself:

George O. Wood, CEO of the Assemblies of God, to Speak Monday, Sept 16

Assembly of God CEO addresses BYU students

In my opinion this news is SHOCKING! The Assembly of God (charismatic) denomination together with the Mormons – Church of Latter Day Saints (cult)! This would be as big as if the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) president spoke at the Mormon university in a FAVORABLE way! The Assembly of God CEO must have forgotten Mormons worship ANOTHER Jesus who is NO Jesus at ALL! To anyone joining hands with Mormons I remind you what the Bible plainly teaches in many places but the strongest words are here Galatians 1:6-9

“I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel: Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ. But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed. As we said before, so say I now again, If any [man] preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.”

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5 comments on “Assembly’s of God Uniting with Mormons?

  1. This is the outcome of pentecostal/charismatic theology. It is rooted in a mystical experience that stretchs across borders of denominations, while disregarding the very doctrines that separate these denominations or in the Mormons case, separates Christian doctrine from occultic doctrine. The pentecostal/ charismatic movement has led to an ecumenical movement that seeks to unite all, within it, under one head; namely the Pope.

    • For the most part I agree, although I would argue that there is a mystical experience that is grounded in sound Biblical doctrine. But what charismatics have been practicing, lately increasingly joined by high flying pentecostals, is indeed a mystical experience and it has not been grounded in sound doctrine. The key, though, is that it is a mystical experience grounded in the concept of an earthly kingdom, a kingdom of flesh, and there is no doubt whatsoever that it all fits together with the dogma of the Church of Roman swimmingly. I tend to avoid the term “Catholic” when discussing issues like this because “Catholic” itself is actually a good Christian term found in at least one of the historic early church creeds. The Roman church long ago departed from its Orthodox roots to become itself an earthly kingdom. The real church is about a Heavenly Kingdom, not one made with human hands, but a kingdom from above, a kingdom in which Christ reigns in the here and now and will continue to reign for all eternity. There is mystery in this kingdom as we see through a glass darkly. It involves a God who is far beyond our understanding, and yet a God who has revealed Himself to us in the most intimate way through Christ our Redeemer. It is ever so sad to see congregation after congregation forsaking the Heavenly Kingdom, the Kingdom of Hope, for an earthly kingdom, a kingdom of futility and deception, a kingdom rooted in the flesh, a kingdom consumed by a false gospel and a kingdom following a false shepherd. Anyone on this earth who claims to be the “head” of the church is a deceiver. There is only one Head of the Church and that is Christ who we worship and serve. And He alone is the ruler of the Heavenly Kingdom for all eternity and only in Him is man cleansed from his sin and made acceptable unto God.

    • I agree with a lot that you have stated George. Pentecostal/ Charismatics are centered on what can be obtained in this world and/or are trying to claim eternal promises for this world. For instance, they are looking for everyone to be healed here. But some will not receive healing till they pass to glory.

      For clarification on the word ‘catholic’: I am ‘catholic’ in my faith. I believe there is a universal church and that is what this word implies. Nevertheless, when I use the term ‘Roman Catholic’ I am speaking of one branch of christendom that has separated itself from the Gospel of God. So I am merely identifying a certain group.

  2. The Catholics have been on board with this for a long time, though not everyone is aware of it. Not with Mormonism in particular, as they do not regard Mormon baptism as valid (though, if you ask them directly, they rather like the “good works” of that religion). But, in general, they believe that any person of “good will,” who does good works or “serves truth,” can be saved outside of Jesus Christ because they have excuse for their ignorance. I’ve been debating the Catholics all week on this matter, including a fellow from the PCUSA, who insisted that salvation is not limited to Christ alone. This came about with Pope Francis’ recent comments on the matter, which they (at least the more conservative ones) simultaneously claimed were taken out of context, while defending vehemently (even the conservative ones).

    I really do not have any particular ideas about the end-times. I know that there will be no third temple built, as it contradicts Daniel’s 70 Weeks and Christ’s discourse on the matter. And I know there are many different views in general after that, and I myself do not have enough studying done to come to my own view. However, from this position of ignorance, it nevertheless occurs to me that the spirit of the day (perhaps the Demonic spirit?) is ecumenism, that is, a combining of all the “Christian” groups of the world into one monolithic group, albeit maybe not officially (as in, under the same flag, bowing and scraping before Rome), but spiritually united (but not in a good way). The Christianity we see building up in the world is not one which cares about sound doctrine, but rather sacrifices doctrine in exchange for a hollow-version of itself that gets along with all the various heathens who claim to represent Christendom.

    • The Christianity we see building up in the world is not one which cares about sound doctrine, but rather sacrifices doctrine in exchange for a hollow-version of itself that gets along with all the various heathens who claim to represent Christendom.

      I have to agree Ricardo. Just like the world, this type of Christianity we see today…or at least it’s the most visible, has an agenda that has nothing whatsoever to do with the teachings of Christ.

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