Demonic Doctrines

Reading a recent post written by Pastor Anton Bosch at Apprising Ministry (originally published by Herescope), Doctrine of Demons, reminded me of an observation concerning demons and false doctrines, made by a pastor years ago.  Wish I could recall who said it or the exact words, but it went something like this;

Demonic doctrines and/or teachings are circular–They never seem to reach “the” point.

And you know, I’ve found that to be absolutely true! The speaker or author may use big fancy theological terms or words but they actually say nothing. After listening to them you momentarily think “wow! that was great…I really learned something”…but afterward you’ll find yourself wondering what it was you really learned or gained! You’re left confused with more questions then answers. God’s word is for every man. God has not given us His word as a puzzle which must be worked out by only an elite few. Demonic teachings or doctrines are invariably complicated–mysterious and hard to grasp. If ‘grasping’ is possible at all.  Demonic teachings and doctrines are confusing to the mind and spirit. And if you will but notice, demonic doctrines will always sway you away from the person of Jesus Christ. They are NEVER Christcentric.

Mystical or mysterious ramblings may cause you to wrongly believe you are receiving a ‘new revelation’…but the fact of their difficulty (in understanding) are NOT a mark or sign of them coming from the Holy Spirit–the opposite is true. Holy Spirit imparted truth is never complicated, mysterious or difficult to grasp folks. God has given His word to YOU and I…He wants us to understand it.

Have you ever thought about that?

The article lists what we know about demons and one fact we can be absolutely assured of is demons are the source of ALL false doctrines.

Now the Spirit expressly says that in later times some will depart from the faith by devoting themselves to deceitful spirits and teachings of demons. 1Timothy 4:1

just musing….


4 comments on “Demonic Doctrines

  1. For the seemingly unregenerate person, the false teachings seem to give them something to believe in and accept as their god. They rejoice in the sensuality of the methods and message.

  2. Doctrines of demons are doctrines advanced by heretics. Contrary to popular opinion, simply entertaining heresy does not make one a heretic. A heresy is simply a false position on a particular POINT of doctrine. Since no one has a perfect understanding of God, all of us likely subscribe to a certain number of minor heresies. That, in and of itself, does not render us heretics. Many of the most universally highly regarded church fathers taught doctrinal positions that are labeled by the Orthodox Church as heresy, and yet the same Orthodox Church reveres them as saints. How can this be? Because their failings are seen only as a result of human limitations, not as doctrines of demons that lead to damnation. I believe we can learn a lot from this concept. Human understanding does not have to be complete and perfected in order for faith to be perfected. And it is faith that saves a person, not human understanding of scripture or of doctrine. But certain doctrines, doctrines of demons, are toxic to faith, and the church has denounced these doctrines stridently down through the centuries and actively excommunicated those who dared to teach them. Collectively they tend to strike at the person and work of Christ. Arius who denied the deity of Christ is an example of such a wolf in sheep’s clothing who was vomited out by a faithful church.

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